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Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson


Sean Johnson melts your heart. The depth of being in his voice, eyes, and presence allows us to give up the resistance and rest in ourselves.

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We are so grateful to our yogini sister, Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus, for first introducing us to Sean. The world just started to sound sweeter.

Both a yogi and kirtan musician, Sean Johnson is the founder of Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans. He is also the founder of Soul School—an interdisciplinary yoga and spirituality teacher training program that focuses on bringing soul and imagination to the art of teaching yoga, and the BHAKTImmersion—a bhakti yoga intensive and kirtan training held in New Orleans twice a year.

Sean’s teaching seeks to weave the emotional power of bhakti yoga with the sensuality of hatha yoga to free the spirit and bring more love, creativity, and depth to our lives. His playful classes focus on opening the heart through ecstatic chant, storytelling, mythology, creative vinyasa flows, mystical poetry, and enchanting music.

Sean and the Wild Lotus Band with percussionist Gwendolyn Colman and bass/guitar player Alvin Young are regarded as one of the guiding voices in western kirtan music and teach and play at venues worldwide including yoga conferences, retreat centers, yoga and music festivals, and studios small and large. They are the first kirtan band to ever play The New Orleans Jazz Festival. Sean and the band’s music has appeared on Nettwerk/Nutone Records, White Swan, and Sounds True. Sean also co-curates Putumayo World Music's CD compilations designed for yoga practice, which features the band's music as well as inspiring songs from a variety of global cultures.

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