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The Bhakti Show

Bhakti Yoga is the heart’s practice of devotion towards and connection with the Divine. Together we will explore practices combining singing, chanting, and flowing with the ever blossoming beauty of all there is. Our hosts' joyous delight and enthusiasm will guide you inward.

Season 3

Julia guides us through practices to activate, awaken, and honor the energies of the deities within ourselves. She welcomes special guests, Manoj and Joythi Chalam. Together we explore our relationship with the deities, the Hindu Gods and Goddess, as tools for awakening on the yogic path.

Season 4

When we align with our heart, everything falls in to place. In Season 4, Julia will share mantra, movement, music, and meditation practices all designed to bring you back to your heart's true alignment while inspiring compassion, gratitude, and love.

Season 5 - Emily Perry

The heart loves to feel courageous and inspired. In Season 5, Emily shares dynamic vinyasa practices that invoke the energy of the gods and goddesses. Through movement, mantra, mudra, and breath-work, we seek to align with the heart's wisdom. You will feel energized, invigorated, and deeply inspired.

Season 6 - Astrud Castillo

Bhakti Yoga is the path of love, devotion, and surrender. This season Astrud guides us through creative and fluid Vinyasa sequences while weaving together mantra, meditation, and breath. These practices are designed to inspire intimacy with Self and the Divine.

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