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Season 4 - Episode 6

Saraswati Flow w Sean

60 min - Practice


Kira’s guest, Sean, guides a Bhakti themed class inspired by the goddess Saraswati. We begin seated while Sean tells a moving story about the goddess. Then we chant mantras feeling into how sound affects the mood, and move into a gentle flow to release stickiness in the body. We close in a sweet Savasana and a final round of mantra. You will feel blessed with loving gratitude for self.

Please click here for more about Sean's band, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band.

What You'll Need: Mat

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Ohhh this was such a beautiful class! The energy was so amazing I didn't want the class to be over! :) Thank you thank you thank you!
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This hour of Bhakti bliss flew by! My soul is soothed and I have a joyful heart ❤️ Jai Ma!
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Loved the poetic, creative, flowing, dancing motions of the poses.
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Thank you for this practice. Reminds me inextricably of the link between Saraswati, water and breath. I’m currently studying infant resuscitation for Midwifery and just learned that we are all born with fluid in our lungs and there is a beautiful transition where we move from breathing fluid from the womb to breathing air. It takes about 5 breaths to move the fluid all the way out of our alveoli and the chest to move fully with air. Sometimes babes need some help in this transition and we breathe for them to help them along. I think I will be calling on Saraswati more. :)
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Meaghan S , such a profoundly beautiful testimony... blessings on your journey!
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Such a wonderful class, Sean. Thank you. Your gentle guidance brought me to a place of calm and connection. Hari Om.
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Kate M you are sweet! to you too! 
I turn to this practice often. So lovely. It truly brings me into connection with myself and also into connection with the energy of life.
Hi Sean and everyone who shared this class - what a heart opening, lyrical and insightful experience. Thank you for the blessing 💗 I’ll return to this class again too.  xo
What a beautiful practice! Thanks, Sean! Namaste! ❤️💖💜

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