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Laura Tyree

Laura Tyree

Read About This Teacher We love Laura's spunk and passionate spark that exudes deep from within her being. Her creative and intelligent weaving of mantra, hasta mudra, breath awareness, and asana directs you toward the deep and powerful source of healing within. Her studio, Dragonfly Yoga Studies in Fort Walton, Florida, is her home base.

Laura first trained with Jan Campbell and the rigorous Iyengar Yoga Method in 1986, while recovering from a sports related injury in college. Her primary teachers are Erich SchiffmannRodney Yee, Doug Keller, Prudence Bruns, and Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati.

Teaching since 1990, Laura's personal approach to the eight-limb path, japa and meditation practice, and the study of ayurveda, anatomy, physiology, and psychology all blend beautifully with her life experience and teaching skills. Introspection and sincerity along with her warm humor encourage students to utilize the practice to deepen their awareness, and to open to their unique beauty and strengths.

Her history with, and love of music and chanting led her to the release of "Amma Bhakti" yoga CD available on iTunes. Laura is also a Reiki Master and Myo-fascial Release Therapist under Master instructor John Barnes, a gentle, therapeutic form for healing the fascia and the nervous system.

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