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Flow Sweet Flow

Discover a new confidence, strength, and flexibility in your body, mind, and heart. Flow Sweet Flow is a collection of Level 1 Vinyasa yoga classes for the beginning yogi or practitioner seeking more detailed instruction of the basics.

Season 2 - Kari Sims Anthon

Practice with Kari this season, where she will share accessible Level 1 Vinyasa sequences to help release tension and help you to feel more at home within yourself. Together we will explore practices to unwind the neck, find sweetness in the side body, and a gentle release in the hips, butt, and legs. Let go and return to you.

Season 3 - Linda Baffa

In Season 3, Linda will share accessible, detailed, and fun Vinyasa flow practices Level 1 and Level 1/2. With keen awareness on alignment and linking our breath with our movement, we will explore sequences that energize, recharge, and uplift. You will feel awakened, alive, and happy.

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