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Mudra Medicine

Mindfulness in the details has a profound affect on the mind and body. Laura encourages us to bring diligent awareness to our hands so that we might tap into the channels of ourselves and more fully participate in the flow of energy within. She invites us to play with a variety of mudras rumored to benefit the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Self. Find the one that compels you, develop a relationship with it, and discover what medicine it holds for you.

Season 1

In this season, Laura gently introduces our hands to a variety of powerful mudras rumored to benefit the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Self. She encourages us to find the one that speaks to us and integrate it into our own practice for self healing and transformation.


Locana S
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Laura, I have been practicing Mudras for over 25 years and I must say that I really enjoy each one of your lesson. Beauty and calmness of the practice, the words and images that you choose, the whole experience was and is Pure Joy. Many thanks.
Bridgid M
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I highly enjoyed practicing all of these mudras and I found them to be very beneficial! Can there be a Season 2 and even a Season 3 ? Mudras are priceless! 

Lisa M
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Loved what I saw, more please. Will favorite these. I like how they were short but effective.

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