The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge

Pain is a language of communication and if we are willing to listen, we can be guided towards a deeper realization of ourselves and ultimately find freedom. In this 7-Day Challenge, Peter Sterios invites us towards greater intimacy with our breath, movement patterns, and mental and emotional landscape with the intention of discovering that we possess the necessary tools and are responsible for our own healing. (Please note: This challenge assumes you already practice yoga. It is not designed for beginners.)


Vanessa S
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I will definitely do this again!
Susan D M
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Hummm! Oh my!!! Yep! I am going to start the challenge again—- and with the grace of willingness will complete it, to experience the richness of this challenge.

Between the fear and then the pain, than the exhaustion —- well it was how crazy can I make things—well, pretty goofy.

I am in the process of clearly holding to a decision to thrive in what has and had been ridiculously demanding situation.

Thank you for you efficient, compassionate, and inspirational presentation.

All is well [even when it does not seem that way],
PS-Actually, as I re-visited/listened to the first video about success tips— I heard something’s for the first time. Humbling and true. 💫💫—the gift of self kindness so, so critical.

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