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Season 1 - Episode 2

Tips for Success

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Peter offers tips to help set us up for success for The 7-Day Pain Free Challenge. He recommends creating a sacred space to practice and encourages us to be kind and honest with ourselves throughout the challenge.
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Jul 30, 2017
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Scuba Chick
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I love what you said about (paraphrasing here) loving and accepting where I'm at. I've always been an active, active person. Pain limits what I can and can't do. I struggle with that, often prolonging the healing process by re-injuring. As with my meditation practice, I shall aim at being present with the 7-day challenge.
Peter Sterios
Hi Scuba Chick, thanks for the message. Where you are at is an important part of the next step. In my own experience of pain from being a competitive athlete (rugby, skiing, basketball), there was a short term (2-3 years) of being limited and accepting that as a necessary step, and with 'consistent' gentleness to myself both on and off the mat, the pain changed and is no longer a factor in my life. Did I heal completely? Yes, however I have changed the way I operate athletically now, i.e. no more rugby, skiing with my 9 year old daughter son gentle slopes, and playing basketballl with no agenda and listening when the knees say "that's enough for one day"...
Scuba Chick
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Thanks for your response. That's reassuring to hear. I've spent the last four years recovering from back issues and a broken foot, as well as subsequent anger/acceptance at physical limitations, so I TRY to be gentle with myself. I'm definitely far less active. I'm looking forward to this program as it seems to be in alignment with current practices.
Peter Sterios
You're welcome... We share similar stories - back issues (herniated disc L5-S1) and broken foot (fracture of the first metatarsal). Be very mindful with the foot exercises in the Opening Sequence, use props or modify the poses as needed and work slowly each day. As for being gentle with yourself, this is not easy if there are expectations. Imagine treating yourself as you would treat a young child literally learning to walk - with curiosity, joy, and encouragement...

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