We're in This Together

The teachings of Yoga exist only in relationship. This is a collection of conversations between yogis exploring a combination of eternal and modern questions.
Welcome to We're in This Together
1 min
Season 1: Episode 1
Show Intro
Kira Sloane
Cosmic Family
55 min
We're in This Together
Ravi Ravindra
The Exchange is Rich
10 min
Season 1: Episode 3
Zubin S. & Kira S.
Universal Sangha
20 min
Season 1: Episode 4
Sonia I. & Kira S.
Our Shared Language
15 min
We're in This Together
Zoe H. & Kira S.
Global Sangha: Turkey
20 min
Season 1: Episode 6
Zeynep Celen
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