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Season 1 - Episode 4

Universal Sangha

20 min - Conversation


Kira sits down with Yoga Anytime teacher Sonia Isart Sanou of Spain to discuss the translation of Yoga across different languages and cultures and the importance of an international sangha so that we can keep expand our minds and perspectives.
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Mar 24, 2016
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Wow, Wow, Wow !
I speak French and the way to say and understand the world is define by the language at first. I know that when I think in English, I go deeper in me to find the right way, the right words to express what I really think, live, feel. I make an effort that I may not do in French.

When I realized that, I said to myself that I should do it in French as well. When I teach, I can use words and expressions that would not make any sense, but related to THE experience each and everyone is living in the practice of Yoga, it makes sense.

I also can say that there is only one place that I found to be exactly right all the time, no matter what, and this place is the Heart... the Sacred Heart... from there I can express what I think, live, feel, what I am longing to understand...

Physiologically, I feel a tingling sensation in my body and this sensation is Pure Joy !

Many thanks to share this conversation, I am already there in this Universal Sangha with you...

Namaste !
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Locana! Wow! I love what you share here. Yes, the translation of the Heart is always our clear guide, so well said! With Great Affection, xoKira.
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I've been really enjoying Sonia's "sessions" here, and have noticed that though the language spoken is English, there is still something different happening here for me when compared to sessions taught by those whose first language is English. In fact, I'm noticing myself being drawn to practicing sessions with teachers whose first language is not English. That's interesting! And I never looked at why. ... Maybe I'm in-joying Sonia's classes, Zeynep's classes, etc. so much BECAUSE the teaching is flowing through a person that is seeing things/feeling things from a different cultural perspective than my own, and that is somehow juicier to me right now. In these classes, I'm noticing I'm listening more with my body and soul than my mind. And somehow that is FEELing so resonant with me now. This is a fascinating topic and I'm so curious about exploring more here...
I love this observation so much Elissa!
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This is so interesting as a yogi and as a speech and language therapist. It has made me reflect on conversations with friends or people I work with who have English as an additional language. They often illuminate my understanding of a concept, both in English and in a universal ‘free-of-language’ way when they describe how that would convey the concept in their first language. I love Sonia’s thoughts on an international sangha. I practice in rural Kent, England. I find the style and language used at Yoga Anytime often resonates powerfully with me; more so than at my localish yoga studio (which has a strict Iyengar teaching style I find problematic). I wonder if in distance learning there is an easy acceptance that we won’t always share the same terms and phrases. I think this makes me more open to understanding (not overstanding!) I also have a sense of community through my online presence, as the vibe comes through!
Ali, I'm so happy you are here and love your thoughts in this conversation. This play of sharing our translations of Yoga through language is one of the original values of Yoga Anytime. Sònia Isart has recently put out  a series fresh  from her time in Peru during the first round of Quarantine.  I am so looking forward to watching and practicing with her again. xoK
Ali, so happy you add your insights to this conversation with Kira Sloane . I find the subject of translation so interesting, so the conversation we had with Kira a few years ago keeps on developing within me.  What i am lately experiencing is that even my translations change depending on where am I, me being quite  nomad, as well as who am i talking to. So both the people i am stablishing the dialog with and the landscapes where i am immeresed find their way into the tranlations. Which are no more than an attempt to put into words my own experience of yoga. So fascinating! Maybe one day we can have an online conference to discuss the subject further, just for the fun of it. xox
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I think bi- and multi-lingual speakers often pick their words and expressions with more thought and intention, and so the meaning if very carefully expressed.  A sensitive translation is so meaningful (meaning-full)!
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Ali, so true! xoK
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All: Thank you for sharing your light for this practice. I was definitely overstanding in reading and listening.  See below... 

My favorite episode! Episode is a funny word, especially with the mention of Southern California and the production of fiction. I wrote to my teacher Lydia Zamorano that yoga is the antivirus for our webbed life. We can grow and practice together, jumping all over the planet in quantum speed. 

Sonia: your practices got me through a difficult period when I was heartbroken, but also wanted to let go of some physical trauma. I listened to my body so much better after our lessons. 

It was the love you felt for yoga that shined through to me. I remembered that tonight when I was searching for "de-programming" and landed here. 
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