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Season 1 - Episode 3

The Exchange is Rich

10 min - Conversation


Kira and Zubin speak about the qualities and benefits of subtle levels of awareness and explore these questions: 'Can yoga be taught?' and 'How can we engage intimately with yogis around the world?' Please join us and help in the discovery.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 17, 2016
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Nice. I think the question of whether yoga can be taught is an interesting one. An important piece that perhaps can't be taught is curiosity. The desire to explore...to be a searcher. One can offer techniques and strategies for this and that. And maybe somewhere on the continuum of believer to seeker (Ravi's terms) a teacher can influence someone toward seeking. But as a teacher...I can't get too wrapped up in that. Another teacher friend uses the phrase...more creating, less convincing.
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Oh Kit, I love your point of view. xok
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Love it!
Kira said once that "where you place your interest, will become interesting". That has helped me survive in the jungle of virtuel teachings. I loved his reply on if yoga can be taught and so do agree. Thank you for lovely teachers and teachings, so I can forward to my students??
I love the idea of curiosity; of being an explorer of the inner realm. I believe the interest is already there and sometimes we get to be the "tour guide" pointing out interesting landscapes and allowing interpretation to be the observers. Thank you!
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I think that this website, with its built in opportunity to exchange comments, is what draws me back to it. I recently checked out two other yoga websites, neither of which provided this possibility, and I felt a certain emptiness. Here, I really feel connected to a community of teachers and practitioners. Yoga IS connection and intimacy with all that IS, so the community/sangha element is absolutely primordial. You do this well.
When I watch a talk or practice a class, I feel part of the conversation and I’m a student for real... in both cases your words and your exercises are somethings that become part of my personal experience. Maybe I cannot speak directly to you but in someways these experiences will influence my ideas, my knowledge, my questions, my answers, my way to teach, my talks... and maybe your questions will be answered by a person who has never watched this video! This is the amazing opportunity that internet communities offers in my opinion! And everybody is free to build his own way to grow.
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This is way more fun than reading about it. I have read a lot in the past now I listen because it has the presenter right there on the screen. Yeah I feel a connection to all of the instructors that I watch even though they cannot see me. Some are very engaged in answering comments which brings a whole other realm into this engagement. It's one thing to watch and follow videos but another to be able to ask question and receive feedback. It takes it to the next level. I would love to attend more live classes but it's not available to me right now so I am so thankful for Yogaanytime. So I really can have a class anytime! As far a being able to teach others yoga....you can certainly inspire them to engage which they otherwise would not do. It's like anything it takes the desire and interest of the learner/student.
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Christel, I'm glad you're feeling a connection to the instructors and your practice with us. We're a growing community and happy to have you with us :)
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Hello, I just joined YogaAnytime. I love that interview and was truly inspired by Kira's questions. Thank you for sharing this video! I enjoyed it xxx
Edyta, so glad you are here. Stay close and let us know how we can help you find what you seek. xok

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