Day 10: Trust

WE DID IT! Welcome to Day 10 of the Yoga Anytime Self-Care Challenge. So happy you’re here. So proud of you for all of the hard work you’ve done.
Today’s focus is the final niyama, ishvara pranidhana, or dedication to God.
God, of course, is a fraught word and topic. So many cultural, familial and personal stories are tied up in this word. So part of the work here is to locate its essence. What is the essence of God to you?
Vastness, wonder, love…is my experience of God.
What would happen if we dedicated ourselves to the qualities we know as God?
The Yoga Sutras say that, “Perfection in samadhi arises from dedication to God.” Samadhi is pure presence, where seeing, seer and the seen merge.
Really and truly, this entire process, this entire practice is a dedication to love. To love the self-completely, we open ourselves up to the vast field of love and this brings us into alignment with order of things. We end at the beginning, with non-violation, with love.
Remember, this is a living, evolving practice. Your real life will feed your practice and your practice will enable you to feast upon your life.
Thank you so much for joining us on the Yoga Anytime Self-Care Challenge. Please stay in touch about how your practice evolves and grows.
Join us for the 10 Day Self-Care Challenge with Kelly Sunrose.
Kelly Sunrose
About the Author

Kelly Sunrose

Kelly Sunrose is the creator of Yoga Anytime's Self Care Challenge. She teaches yoga in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband and daughter. Learn more.


Cristina C
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thank you for these practices that have helped me to nurture my self and take better care of myself. When you talked about looking back at what i had written in my yearbook it took me back at the age of 18 when i thought really hard to find just the right words and i came up with "Peace . Love and Happiness" is what i wrote back then and they still hold true for me today at 47 years old I guess the truth was with me all along but it took me a long time to see that they were inside me this whole time and that i need to look inside again and again
Kelly Sunrose
Cristina, Thank you so much for being here and for sharing you experience. "I guess the truth was with me all along...."--- those words really resonate and I couldn't agree more. Much love to you!
Glenford N

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