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Season 2 - Episode 6

Tripod Headstand to Crow

5 min - Practice


Shift your perspective in just a few minutes. Rosemary shares tripod Sirsasana (Headstand) to Bakasana (Crow Pose). You will feel challenged, focused, and refreshed in no time at all.
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here and now all right we're gonna play with a little tripod headstand into bakasana back up into tripod and then just down into child's pose I love this because it draws things immediately into focus you really have to be hyper present in order to pull this off and of course the inversion is a really sweet change in perspective that you can do in no time at all so let's see how it goes sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't so to come into it let's actually start in a variation of prasarita padottanasana feet really wide hands on the earth and then release the crown of the head down right and walk your hands back so that you can see them right common mistake is to have them up close to the head which gives you no power for the balance right crown of the head is rooted on the earth and then lift strong through the center legs go out and up let's just give this a few breaths enjoy all the sweet benefits of the inversion for three two all right so strong through the arms and strong through the core as you curl down and in the shelf is already there for the knees tuck it in and then strong again through arms and core maybe you can take the head up off the earth press through the fingertips lift lift lift lift lift squeeze in and up three two and then go ahead and replace the head to the earth and then strong center try to draw the legs back up through the midline this time three two and one legs go wide so we end where we began back down on the earth and then the sweet reward of all of it hop the feet together drop the knees and let it all settle in child's pose forehead to the earth hips sink back soft through the neck and lay it all down full ten breaths here integrating all that goodness five more breaths and just one last cycle of breath grounding down slowly inhale roll yourself all the way back up ground on the exhale and voila


Cheryl F
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This is great - a wonderful goal for us.
Susan C
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Maybe 40 years since I did a headstand. What joy to do them again! The Crow needs practice but this is a bite-size interlude and it left me feeling great.
Rosemary Garrison
So happy to hear this, Susan! Enjoy.

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