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Audra introduces us to Season 6 of The Vinyasa Show, where she will offer a collection of dynamic and groovy vinyasa flow sequences with life lessons to match. Her classes will include creative transitions and movements to help you be with yourself and allow the opportunity to practice radical self-love.
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Feb 29, 2016
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Hi, welcome to The Vinyasa Show. My name is Audra Carmini and I'm so excited to share this series of classes with you, creating these videos has been a huge opportunity for learning and growth for me personally, and I hope that it will for you too. The idea I came in with for these classes was to offer you a challenge, sort of like an obstacle or threshold, a transition, a creative transition or movement that might be unfamiliar to you so that you would have the opportunity to be with yourself in that transition. A lot of times in our lives and on the mat we can come to place where it's a little bit difficult where there's some more friction, or there's a little bit of struggle, or things just don't come as easy and we have this amazing choice to either beat ourselves up over it or to practice self-acceptance and self-love, and that's really what I'm in it for, and so there will be lots of opportunity for that as you move through these practices. We'll, in this season, move like the moon and transition from maybe something that is a little bit more frenetic in your life towards something that is a little bit more smooth and flowy to get that viscosity, that honey flowing kind of feeling rather than that honey stickiness kind of feeling, and we'll balance on our hands and see if we can move without putting our feet on the ground, it's this like amazing thing that sometimes we're able to do after some practice.

As you move through these series of classes, I invite you to take the opportunity to practice that radical revolutionary act of self-love, and please write me, write comments, stay in touch, it'll be wonderful. Thank you for being here, namaste.


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