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Welcome to Season 2

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Kira welcomes us to Season 2 and invites us to get down on the mat just as we are, and just start. Simply participating in the practice changes us, and that's when things get really wild.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 08, 2016
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(waves splashing) So welcome to Yoga, Season Two. Great job showin' up. That's really the hardest part. There are so many obstacles to practice and rightfully so, because the practice will change us. And all of us are working with an innate desire to keep things exactly the way they are.

So these practices are designed to assist-remove some of these obstacles. They're shortish. They're all about 30 minutes. They assume that you have very little experience with yoga and/or maybe are coming back after a while, and looking for a gentle reentry. Definitely it'll be helpful to have blocks.

It'll be helpful to have a strap, and sometimes it'll be nice to have a blanket. I'd love your input on these. I'd love to know where they lead you. What I find over and over and over again, if I just start, if I just put myself literally on my Welcome Yoga mat and just start moving, breathing, everything changes. And that's when things get really wild.

So, thanks for being here. Love.


Love the calm, welcoming and yes forgiving manner of your instruction. It makes me want to return to try again.
Thank you, Kira
Welcome back, Twink3! Happy to be together. xokira
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I'm here and ready to begin Season 2 - Change can be a good  thing! 
Hi Bridgid! Glad to see you! xok

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