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Season 2

Just Start

Start from wherever you are right now. New yogis and returning yogis will find these sequences inviting and inclusive, so grab your favorite props, get down on your mat, and just start.


Katie C
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Hello!  I am really enjoying this show!  It has been years since I practiced yoga and this show has been a wonderful reintroduction.  I've also learned some new things! 

I'm turning 50 this year and with everything that is happening in the world I thought it would be a great time to renew my commitment to yoga.  I would like for it to be more of a way-of-life for me rather than something on a to-do list.  However, I don't want to get too over my head right at the beginning.  I was wondering if there were recommendations on where to go next.  I enjoy Yin yoga but am also looking for something slightly more challenging.  Thoughts?

Kira Sloane
Hi there Katie C! Yes, let's find a show that will allow you to move and flow safely. I will be answering in several comments as the character limit here always gets me.
Kira Sloane
(Continued, for Katie C ) 
A lot of people love Alana's Good Morning Yoga. If you connect with her, but want to flow less, her Gentle Yoga might be a fit. 
Kira Sloane
Robert Sidoti's easy going nature and incorporation of core work into his sequences has made him a very popular teacher here. He has several shows and challenges like Keepin' it RealFeeling Alright, and his latest that we recorded LIVE, Dynamic Flow
Kira Sloane
(Continued) You might love Suniti's Yoga and the Somatic Experience.
Her sophisticated and quiet invitation to go deep within is simply wonderful. 
If none of these are a match, let's keep looking together. Love, Kira
Katie C
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Thank you SO much!  These are great suggestions!!!  There is so much to choose from here - I am so happy I found YogaAnytime.  I really appreciate your guidance.
Sara S
Love this session

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