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Welcome to Yoga

Maybe you are just starting yoga, maybe you are coming back after a while, or maybe you simply like the pace or tone of a basic class. We are so glad you are here, and these sequences are designed with you in mind. The episodes are progressive and build on each other. Even just after one season, you'll be ready to move around and explore other classes with confidence.

Season 1 - Yoga Basics

Whether you are newer to yoga asanas, returning from a hiatus, or simply prefer a slower pace of more basic postures, this season's sequences are progressive and designed to prepare you for other shows on the site. Welcome!

Season 2 - Just Start

Start from wherever you are right now. New yogis and returning yogis will find these sequences inviting and inclusive, so grab your favorite props, get down on your mat, and just start.

Season 3 - Explore the Fundamentals

Margi Young explores the fundamentals with these beginner practices designed to help you feel brighter and more clear. This season we will look at ways to find a comfortable seat, basic sun salutations, beginner backbends, breath awareness, meditation, and various breakdowns of common postures.

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