Welcome to Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Let's Twist Again

30 min - Practice


Kira guides us through a twisty sequence to provide us with an experiential understanding of how our sacrum, tailbone, and hip rotation relate to one another. This practice helps us build our vocabulary for these subtle anatomical actions so that we can reference them in standing postures with greater awareness and success.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Block (2)


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Love your classes Kira. They are perfect.
Hi Judy! Sweet to see you here! xok
This is a delicious practice Kira. Thanks so much. I am eager to share it with my yoga students! And yes, Marty Feldman!
Rylla! no one ever gets that joke...hahah, happy. xok
I loved the Marty Feldman, too..:) And the tipping cow, what a fabulous side stretcher, I love it, I'm going to do it during the day.
Wynter! thanks for getting that joke. haha. xok
I had my one-year-and-three-month cancer check-up yesterday and I remain cancer-free! :D
One thing my oncologist noted was that I have a lot less pelvic adhesions (pelvic scarring) than I did three months ago at my last check-up. It seems that my yoga practice via Yoga Anytime has helped break up scar tissue from surgeries and radiation!!! Hooray! I have more pelvic strength, flexibility, and a lot less pain, and wanted to share this with you.
Thank you Yoga Anytime, and thank you, Kira. I am deeply grateful for your giftedness as a teacher and for your love and compassion that really shines through in each and every video.
Dearest Kristen, your results bring us all so much joy and happiness. Thank you so much for your generous sharing. Happy to be together in this journey! xokira
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Namasté. My hips felt amazing after the practice. I loved the work you did in the windshield wiper pose. I always learn so much in your classes, thank you very much for your wonderful videos. Silke
Silke, so goooood to be here together. xok

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