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Season 9 - Episode 9

Neuter Pronouns: Near & Far

5 min - Tutorial
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Anuradha explains and demonstrates using everyday objects the neuter pronouns for near and far in the Sanskrit language.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 15, 2016
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Namaste friends, so we've been exploring together the pronouns in the masculine and the neuter forms in the singular to say how something is far, near and the question who or what it is. But we haven't really looked at the neuter as yet, so what we'll do now, I'll just revise the masculine and feminine video once and then we'll see how the neuter form is represented. So kur cha ha, the ending is kur cha ha, so e sha ha kur cha ha, mala mala, so e sha mala, kur cha ha, sa mala, palam, tat palam, tat palam. This one's actually really easy to remember because it corresponds to the English that you have to give it a little Sanskrit dental pronunciation and you would get it perfectly. It's not that palam but tat palam, tat palam and the question is what fruit or which fruit kim palam, kim palam, say that, palam and if you had to say that fruit in Sanskrit, that's it, tat palam.

So if you remember the rule for objects that are far and when you bring them close you have to add the sound e before it, so if that is palam, tat palam, flower, push pam. If you want to say this flower it would be e tat push pam, kadat e tat push pam versus that fruit tat palam and e tat push pam and the question is kim push pam or kim palam and you would say tat palam, fantastic. So there we are, I'll just do a quick recap of the words, so the pronouns in the singular masculine far away would be saha nearby e shaha and the question kaha, all of them have the punch in it, kaha, kadat, for the feminine when the object is far it would be sa because of the jaw drop, sa, e shaha, ka and the neuter that we just saw, tat e tat kim kadat, we'll have a look soon at what it looks like, the script of it all and that will help it settle better in your system. So stay with me, see you soon, namaste.


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