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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 9 - Episode 14

You Informal Pronoun

5 min - Tutorial
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Anuradha demonstrates and teaches us about the "You" informal pronoun in Sanskrit.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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May 13, 2016
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Welcome to you again, very happy to have you in this program where we are learning still how to understand the pronouns. We looked at the third person singular dual plural, we've looked at the you formal singular dual and plural and now we look at the you informal when we spoke of the you formal it was Bhavati Alana and the question was Bhavati ka and if I had to say that you are Alana it would be Bhavati Alana if it is a man it would be Bhavan for a lady again it's Bhavati. Now in the you informal fortunately there is no difference between the gender so whether it's a masculine or a feminine we would still say the same word which is Thwam, Thwam Alana. The Thwam is very close to the French you too, too informal in fact so Thwam there are many similarities between the Sanskrit pronouns and the French pronouns but this one in Sanskrit is the Thwam you informal when I have to introduce myself I would say Aham Anu Thwam Alana Aham Anu Aham Anu and you can say other things to introduce yourself Aham Nari I am a woman Aham Nari right Bhavan if you are a man Bhavan ka and you would say Aham very good if you are a lady then the question would from me to you would be Bhavati ka and you would answer Aham lovely so with this I think we have done covered the pronouns and thank you very much Alana, thank you very much for being on the show stay with me.


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