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Season 3 - Episode 7

Hanuman's Leap

55 min - Talk


James captivates our imagination with Hanuman's heroic leap over the ocean to the mystical land of Sri Lanka, where through a series of insurmountable tests and encounters with archetypal demons, he eventually reunites Rama and Sita and restores the wheel of Dharma. Hanuman is victorious, demonstrating skillful and appropriate action, resourcefulness, and ingenuity. James illustrates how all of the characters in the story represent different parts of the human psyche, and the call is for greater integration and wholeness. If we stay steady in the face of challenges and demonstrate calm and skillful action, then these challenges or tests can be transformed into something that empowers us. When we have the courage to actualize our deeper longings nothing is ever lost.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 04, 2016
Bhakti, Jnana
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Beautiful, delightful... ever timely. Thanks so much. I will probably watch this show a hundred times. Shanti.
What an amazing story! Listened and watched it quite a few times by now but every time it gives me more insight, inspiration, encouragement and delights me more. I hope that you'll be back with more soon! I would really love to study the Hanuman Chalisa in dept too with you!
Much love, Gabriella from JTREE
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Just finished (binge) watching the three Mythology seasons. Fantastic, powerful life lessons told in way that was enjoyable to listen to as well as non-challenging to comprehend. The final story of the last class of season three should be required listening for all human beings. 🙏🏻
Such a luminous tale! Thank you for carrying it forward, yet again, into human consciousness. Hari Om.
this is soooo fabulous. thank you
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As the pandemic weighs heavily upon us these days, how inspiring is the final instalment of this great story! One woman lights a tiny lamp in the oppressive darkness, which inspires another person to light a lamp, and so on until the dark valley is illuminated. Our love is inextinguishable by any kind of darkness; the light of our love drives the darkness away. And we can express it by the tiniest gesture...
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Kate, I love how your heart speaks so much. xok

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