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Season 1 - Episode 2

A Yogini's Guide to India

25 min - Conversation


Holy cows, poverty, pollution, traffic, temples, life and death flashing before your eyes. In this conversation, Alana and Uschi explore the role of the Western woman traveling to India on pilgrimage. They share stories and discuss safety, self-care, surrendering, and skills for staying grounded, aware, and nourished.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Feb 25, 2016
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So nice to watch this after being hosted by you in India... Thank you for your grounded & sacred space holding, Uschi ??
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So interesting! I have a friend in Pune, India who has invited me to come visit. This is giving me some really good information about traveling there... (I'm very much of a homebody and the idea of traveling so far really puts me out of my comfort zone!)
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Kate Kate Thank you so much for commenting! You can always email me directly ( if you need more support! Pune is such a modern city, but India travel can definitely be intimidating. Becky I Love You!!!
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Loving these insights of traveling to India. These are wonderful. Thank you!
Thank you so much for creating this guide. I live in the UK and was recently asking about travel in India as a woman what I want to ask is whether it is possible and are you able to advise on travelling with a pet? Could I take my cat with me? Or is that a ridiculous notion. Namaste­čî╗
Alexandra M Thank you for your question! There are many women who choose to travel solo in India, just like anywhere else in the world, and I could advise you a bit more once I know where you are hoping to travel and what kind of journey you are planning? It would be very difficult to travel with a pet, as there are very strict quarantine laws for international travel...Much Love  :) 
Uschi Gibson┬áThank you so much for replying! Basically I've never been out of Europe, but I'd love to practice what I consider┬á authentic Yoga in India. Would a city be preferable? Instead of a rural area? My intention is to practice 'real' Yoga.I'm about 'intermediate ' if I had to choose a 'stage ' probably a misnomer, but feel I am missing something from my practice when I've been to studios locally in England. I have lived overseas though in Greece and whilst it's not considered a 'developing ' country there is a stark contrast to living standards compared to UK. Do you think I would get much from a month stay practising Yoga? I do think I could part from my pet for longer. ­čÉŹ­čĽŐMany thanks again! ­čî╗
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This really was a wonderful presentation! ­čî╗

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