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Season 1 - Episode 4

Healthy Prana Circulation

20 min - Practice


Robert guides us in an awareness exercise to assist in the healthy circulation of prana. He leads us in a practice to move our attention, along with our inner gaze and breath, to begin to feel the prana circulating throughout our being. The practice will result in a new sense of vitality and calm invigoration.
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(waves breaking) Namaste. Robert Svoboda here with an exercise for you to use to assist the healthy circulation of your prana. And this exercise is one that will require you to use your attention and your inner eye. Do not try to actually move the prana around. The prana will move on its own.

All you have to do is move your attention and the attention will move the prana. So find yourself a comfortable position either cross legged or seated in a chair. You can do this lying down though it is usually a little more difficult to maintain your concentration because your body is going to become automatically more relaxed as the prana circulates more efficiently. Once you're in a comfortable position, close your eyes, open your inner eye, and take your awareness down to the center of the Earth which is approximately 4,000 miles underneath your backside. The center of the Earth is the most earthy of anything there is on Earth.

It's the center of the gravitational field that holds us down to the Earth so we do not fly off into space. So it is the most stable thing there is, and we salute it for offering us the stability that we require as individuals. In your organism, that center of the Earth is represented by the so-called Muladhara which is located at your perineum intergenically about one centimeter inside your body. Intergenically because of course the Muladhara does not appear in your physical body. There are nervous plexuses and all kinds of other neat things that are associated with the chakras but they are all happening in the physical body.

The actual chakras themselves are much subtler structures that only are awakened under certain conditions. So don't get caught up in that kind of confusion over nomenclature. Simply identify for yourself the fact that as far as you are concerned, that same center of the Earth that you feel underneath you, approximately 4,000 miles, is provided to you in the form of a point that is very near the base, the lower tip of your spine. And the better you can identify those two together, the better you will be able to harness that stability, that fundamental stability, that is at the center of the Earth, the better you will be able to harness it in your own existence. So you're identifying those two points together and you're breathing calmly and slowly and regularly.

And you let those two points remain there while you bring yourself to the top of your head preferably to a point very near the top of your head but a little back from it, right around here for example, and from that point you are going to take your awareness and identify it with some point in the sky. It could be the sun. It could be the North Star. It could be any other celestial body of your choice but the sun or the North Star is probably a good position for you to connect to. So the topmost part of your head or for those of you who find it adequately easy to connect to, a point that is actually 10 finger breadths above the top of your head.

That's the point that you want to identify with a celestial marker. So you will have an actual out in the external macrocosm terrestrial focus which is the center of the Earth and celestial focus and inside your organism you will have a terrestrial and a celestial here or here focus. Now as you breathe, connect those two together because human beings it was said were created for the purpose as acting as bridges between the terrestrial and the celestial. To be able to join together the awareness that is the terrestrial Mother Earth reality with the celestial Father Sky reality, to bring them together. So as you breathe, breathe from the center of the Earth all the way up to the sun or the North Star, and breathe from the sun or the North Star all the way back down to the center of the Earth.

Do that another another three or four or five breaths because we want you to continue to have that awareness even while we start doing something rather different. That should just go into the back of your mind. Minimize that program temporarily, and again bring yourself to the perineum. Now if you are female, please bring your energy up the front of your body and down the back. If you are a male, you'll be bringing the energy up the back of your body and down the front.

The reason for this is that women tend to get their energy congested in the throat, in the thyroid, in the breasts, in the womb. So we don't want the energy to drop down and get stuck there. We want the energy to come through so that there will be nice, good circulation in there. So we'll begin with the ladies, and we're having you remember not try to move prana, but only to try to move the awareness. Move the awareness from the perineum up to the ovaries, to the navel, to the breasts and the nipples, to the throat, to the chin, to the lower lip, inside the mouth, to the soft palate.

The hard palate is the bony area just behind the upper teeth and behind that bony area is a softer area. That's the soft palate. Bring your awareness to that point and hold it there for a moment. Don't be surprised if it takes some time to be able to do this. Because what will happen is if there is some structure like your ovaries or your womb or some abdominal organ or your heart or your lungs or your thyroid, any of those points that need extra prana will discourage you from moving on until your attention has provided them some extra prana.

So you may find that you spend a few breaths at more than one point along this pathway because with that attention you were revitalizing those areas along that pathway. Take however long it takes for this to happen, and while you were bringing that awareness up to your soft palate, we turn to the gentlemen and we have them move their energy from the perineum up the back, to the coccyx, to the sacrum, the lumbar, the thoracic, the cervical, to the top of the head, to the forehead, the so-called third eye, to the tip of the nose, to the upper lip, and back inside the mouth to the soft palate. As with bringing the energy up to front, so with bringing it up the back. There will be points all along where the energy may want to stop, and where the attention therefore will stop when the prana needs to revitalize some area of the organism. Let your attention remain there as long as it needs to and as soon as that area has again become filled with prana the attention automatically will continue to ascend.

So if you're bringing the energy up your front, once you get it to your soft palate, let it sit there for a breath or two or three, and then bring your awareness out to the upper lip and then to the tip of the nose, the third eye, the top of the head, the base of the skull, and then let it flow down the back slowly kind of like honey or ghee dripping along, until you get back to the perineum. And if you've brought the energy up the back to the soft palate, let it sit for two or three or four or five breaths, and then let it drop and let it go. For men generally it's sufficient to simply let it go down the center line of the body all the way back down to the perineum. Once you've done this once, let the awareness remain for a moment at the perineum, reconnect to the center of the Earth. Do this again the same way, women up the front, men up the back, as slow as necessary.

You may find your attention stopping at a different place this time. You may find it stopping at the same place requiring more prana. You may find that now there is no need for it to stop because the prana that needed to be delivered has done. Whatever that might be and whether you are moving it from the back or from the front, let it go all of the way. The switch happens at the soft palate.

You're going up and then you head down. You're going up from the front and then you head down. Your second revolution or orbit and again at the end of that one, reconnect to the center of the Earth. And the third time you do it, you go through the same process stopping again as often as you need to. Once you get to the top of the head, connect to that point 10 finger breadths above the top of the head, and from there to the point in the cosmos that you're identifying as the point you're pairing with the center of the Earth.

So now not only do you have a good connection between a terrestrial point and a celestial point, you have that connection not only through the center of your organism but also circulating up and down in a nice circle. So you're adding a little bit to the geometrical complexity of the movement of the prana in your system, but because you're moving it slowly and regularly and easily and because you're not forcing it, you're simply moving your attention and allowing the prana to move along with that attention there will be no difficulty created by this process. It's good to sit with this circulation for at least 10 or 15 minutes, preferably until your system feels really vitalized, until you can feel the prana circulating in your organism, particularly in your vital organs but also in your limbs, in your sense organs, so that there is a current of vitality, a sense of invigoration. But a sense of invigoration that is not like the one that you might procure by consuming stimulants, but one that is rather calm invigoration where you feel great vitality but at the same time you feel that employing that vitality indiscriminately would be a great mistake, that the vitality is made available for you to employ at whatever moment you need to employ it, either before or after. Circulate as many times as you would like and when you are ready to terminate your session, salute the center of the Earth, salute the celestial body that was your upper point, and bring your awareness back down to the perineum, and, if you like, pull all of that energy from the perineum up to the manipura, the haddah point, just below the navel or bring it up to the heart, both places where prana is focused in the body and that can take advantage of this extra prana that has been generated by this circulation.

Once you can feel that the prana that you've generated by this circulation has been safely delivered to one of these two points, then open your eyes halfway, allowing yourself to re-familiarize yourself with the external world, all the while you maintain as much awareness as possible of the internal word. And after a few breaths, when you feel as calm as you possibly can, open your eyes further and rejoin the external world even while maintaining awareness of the inner circulation that you have just been employing. Namaste.


Eileen C
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Thank you Dr. Svoboda for the wonderful practice. Some texts say muladhara for women is at the cervix. Do you agree?
Kit S
The two lectures and the Prana practice were the perfect start to my day. I'm interested to see how this comes with me throughout this day and evening. Thank you so much.
Denise V
Thank you for this practice, Dr. Svoboda!
Dorothy B
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I really enjoyed this practice and felt the benefits immediately.
Randy B
Thank you so much. Incredible to find you here. Bows, ...Gratitude. Master Teacher.
Locana S
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A perfect practice for a perfect day ! Many thanks.
Maria Elena D
thank you for this dr. Svoboda!
John Jackson
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Felt my body needed a break from my asana practice and this was the perfect substitute for me today! Thank you!
Alexandra Kambler
Alexandra Kambler
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