Yoga for Depression Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Clearing Morning Fog

30 min - Practice


When we feel foggy, its difficult to know what to do next. This fluid flow sequence helps promote mental clarity, while energizing your intention and warming your heart.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Welcome, thank you for joining. For today, we'll be doing a practice design to clear the morning fog. Often times we can wake up feeling a little hazy from whatever we have going on in our lives and so I've put together a practice to really help with our mental clarity. To be able to focus on a single point of attention honing in on our concentration. So as we start, find yourself a comfortable seat back on your heels.

Can be helpful to take a block and sit back in between your feet. Knees coming straight out of the hip sockets, and then close your eyes for a moment. Allow your awareness to drop into your body. Scanning through and noticing what you're bringing onto your mat this morning. Picking up on any sluggishness, any heaviness, and sensing what it is that you need from your practice.

And on your next inhale blink the eyes open. Reach the arms out in front, interlace your fingers and take your arms up overhead. Getting that big stretch to the front body, and as you exhale draw your ribs in towards your body. So that we start to feel some strengthening and engagement in the center of the body. Relax your shoulders down away from your ears.

Inhale, reach up a little higher so we get that length all throughout the torso and with the exhale belly button coming back towards your spine. Inhale reaching up, and exhale drawing the ribs in. Bring your hands to your hips here and as you breathe in, tip your hips forward. Draw your shoulders back and with your exhale tip the hips slightly back. So we're tipping the bull of the pelvis from front to back and sensing that point where you pass through center.

The point where you're not in the back bend and you're not flattening out the curve of the low back but right in the center. Notice what that feels like and building on that, we'll remember it for later. So coming forward, off your block. Setting that off to the side. Making your way to hands and knees.

Hands right underneath your shoulders. Knees right underneath your hips. Flattening the feet out into the mat. Making them part of your foundation and as you breathe in draw your shoulders back, take your heart forward. With your exhale press away from your mat.

Chin in towards your chest. With your inhale, get wide across the collar bones and with your exhale lift the heart up towards the spine. Inhale we look forward shoulders draw back, and exhale pressing away, and then find that center point that we discovered before. So right in the middle, not in the back bend and not flattening out the curve of the low back, but as we press into our feet we get a little lift in the center of the body, and it extends straight back through your right leg. Notice this point here where you take the leg so high that it starts to turn into a back bend and correct that by drawing back in towards center so the ribs straight and the toes point straight down, and if this is going well.

Extend the left arm out in front of you. So find a single point to focus out in front and then as you exhale set everything down. Taking that to the second side we extend, breathe back through the left leg. Toes point straight down, and then adding the arm. Extending forward through the right arm.

On your next exhale set everything down, and then we'll take that dynamically adding it all together. So reach back through the right leg, left arm, and set everything down, and extend the other side. So keeping the engagement in the center of the body, and seeing if you can extend straight out from the shoulder. Straight out from the hip. Like tracking.

Without veering off to the side. So all your concentration is in this moment. Notice how tempting it is to sink into the low back. Notice how tempting it is to veer off to the side. Resisting that as you focus on staying strong in the center.

From here curling your toes under, lifting your knees up off your mat and taking your hips way back into a version of downward facing dog with really bent knees. So we press back with the hips. Tops of the thighs reaching towards the back of your mat. Spreading our your fingers, and then slowly starting to reach into the legs. So press down into your right heel.

Top of the right thigh pressing towards the back of your mat. Feeling that opening in the Achilles and the calf and taking that to the other side. Coming up onto the balls of the feet. Reaching back through both the heels. Then as you breathe in here, shift your weight forward, shoulders coming right over the wrist making your way into plank pose.

Perhaps taking the feet further back to make the adjustments. Exhale all the way back downward facing dog. Inhale shift forward, plank posting strong in the center. Ribs drawing in, gaze out in front. Exhale the legs take you back downward facing dog.

Inhale shift forward. Shoulders drop back, collar bones wide. Exhale all the way back downward facing. And walk your hands back towards you feet. Hanging at the back of your mat in a forward fold.

Knees are soft, head hanging heavy. Inhale rise up with a breath all the way. Arms above our head, and exhale, squeeze out your breath. Bring your hands to your heart. Inhale reach your arms up and around.

Exhale lift and fold forward over your legs. Breathe in lift up half way heart forward, shoulders back. Exhale all the breath out folding. Rise up all the way, and empty out your breath. Hands to your heart.

We'll do that again inhale reach up, exhale lift and fold. Inhale heart forward shoulders back. Exhale all the breath out. Walk your hands forward coming into that plank pose. Draw your shoulders back.

Stay strong in the center. Maybe take the knees down. As you come forward lower to a hover. Breathe in, repress away from the mat, shoulders back. Upward facing or cobra, and then exhale all the way back downward facing.

Settle your gaze back between your feet. Five breaths here. Inhaling and exhaling. Counting out your breaths and allowing the breaths to be a soundtrack for your practice. The breath will tell you how quickly, how slowly to move.

When to take a break. And when you've reached the bottom of that fifth breath. Bending your knees, look forward and stepping your way up to the front of your mat. Inhale lift half way. Exhale fold.

Rise up with the inhale all the way up and empty out the breath. Hands to your heart. Inhale reach up. Exhale lift and fold. Breathe in, lift half way.

Exhale fold hands down. Step back to the plank. Come forward or take the knees. We lower to a hover. Inhale press away and exhale take you legs all the way back to downward facing dog.

Breathe in and take your right leg up into the air, and remember that tracking that we did at the start of the practice. Reaching straight back through that heel. Tempting to take it into the back bend but resisting that by drawing your ribs in and exhale setting the foot down. Inhale, take the left leg up. Toes pointing straight down, and exhale release.

Bend your knees, look forward, and you can hop or step to the front of your mat. Inhale lift half way. Exhale fold. Rise up with the breath all the way, and exhale hands to your heart. Inhale reach up, exhale fold.

Breathe in lift half way, exhale hands down. Hop or step your way to the hover, uttanasana. Chaturanga, inhale heart comes through. Upward facing or cobra and exhale downward facing dog. Bring the right leg up into the air just like before.

This time as you exhale, round the back. Use the belly to step the foot all the way up between the hands. Come up onto your finger tips and as you bend deeply into that front leg, draw your right thigh in towards its hips so you feel really solid in your foundation, and you start to pick your belly up off the thigh. Pick the hip points up off the thigh as you reach forward, and take it all the way up. Shoulders making their way right over the hips.

Flatten out that back foot. Coming into warrior one. So be deeply bending into that front leg as you draw the right thigh back. Pressing into the outer edge of that back foot. Extending through the arms.

Maybe gazing up towards the thumbs if it's okay for your neck. That single point of focus. Noticing where your attention is. Exhale your hands down. Right leg up and back.

Downward facing dog, but for those of you feeling like you wanna work on your strength, come forward, lower through chaturanga. Inhale, heart coming through, shoulders back. Exhale all the way back downward facing dog. Second side we inhale, take the left leg up. Strong exhale step it all the way through.

Up onto the fingertips, draw the left thigh back in towards its hip. Solid in your foundation reach the arms forward. And if this feels unsteady at all, feel free to walk that left foot out to the side just a bit as you breathe the belly up. Lift the hip points up off that thigh coming into your high lunge. Drop that back heel, flatten it out.

Warrior one on the left. Extending through the arms. Energizing through the pose. Single point of focus. Noticing where your attention is.

Bringing it on to your mat into your body, and slowly exhale release your hands down. Take that leg up and back. Downward facing dog. Empty out all your breath. Look forward and you can hop or step to the front of your mat.

Breathe in lift half way. Exhale fold, rise up all the way. Exhale hands to your heart. Bring your hands to the tops of the thighs and drop them down towards your mat until you can reach for the mat with your fingertips. Then start to pick the belly up off the thighs.

Lift the hip points, reach the arms forward and up. Exhale we fold. Inhale lift half way, exhale hands down. Hop or step your way back. Chaturanga, breathe I, press away from the mat.

Heart forward exhale all the way back, downward facing. With the breath inhale right leg rises. Exhale step it through. Dropping that back heel we breathe our way up warrior one. Bring your hands down to the mat.

Right leg up and back and through the transition were pausing in downward facing dog. Breathe the left leg up. Exhale step it through. The ground through that back foot. Plug the left thigh in.

Inhale reach the arms up, and exhale make your way down. Left leg up and back downward facing where the option to come through the vinyasa. Shoulders over the wrist plank. Exhale lower, inhale we roll over the toes to draw the shoulders back, and exhale, make your way back, downward facing dog. Empty out all the breath, and gaze up between your hands.

Hop or step your way up. Inhale lift half way up. Exhale fold. Drop your thighs back down towards your mat. We reach forward and up.

Making your way back into the chair. We press down into your heels. Hands together in front of your heart. Close your eyes for a moment. Bring your thumbs right up against you chest, and just notice.

Notice what you're creating on your mat. Notice the changes happening. Sense your heart beating. Energy shifting. All your attention, all your focus right here.

Blink your eyes open. Sink down into your chair. Then wrap your right arm underneath your left. So we've come into eagle arms with palms facing away from each other and then joining them together in front of your face. Option to stay here for a few breaths or to wrap your right leg around.

The option to find a kick stand right by your foot. Or if it feels like we can balance on that left leg and wrap the right all the way around the calf. All your attention here. As you breathe in take the elbows up to shoulder level and exhale, hug the shoulders in toward center. Perhaps dropping down an inch or two more, and then with the breath we release and reset second side.

Coming back into your chair. Left arm wraps underneath the right this time. Palms face away from each other and then come together in front of your face. Big inhale exhale, perhaps wrapping around and finding your balance in eagle pose. Breathe in take the elbows up to shoulder level.

Exhale squeeze in towards center, and then maybe drop in another inch or two. Slowly release and make your way into a comfortable stance. Right foot forward, left foot slightly back. Hands to your hips here. With a big inhale draw your shoulders back and then exhale lean forward.

Coming into parsvottanasana. So our right thigh draws back in towards its hip. We stay long through your spine, and then breathe in and come up, and exhale fold forward. Inhale lift, and exhale fold. Pressing into the big toe.

Noticing if that bottom knee is locked out and if so, pressing the calf forward slightly until it feels like the hamstring turns on. We keep drawing that right thigh back and hugging in towards center. Keeping the legs active and working. Bring your hands down and find your way into a high lunge. So we step that left foot further back.

Still hugging right thigh in. Pressing straight back through that back leg. Draw the shoulders forward. Heart forward, and then coming up onto that right foot. We shift our weight onto the fingertips.

Maybe hands coming up off the mat. Finding a focal point out in front of you in warrior three. Toes pointing straight down. That outer hip hugging in and maybe extending through your arms. Slowly as you came in, release your hands down, and step back.

Warrior one. Hands together in front of your heart. We take a look at that fight foot. Spread out your toes, shift forward, warrior three. Then option here to come back through center.

That left knee coming in towards your chest and extending through your heel. So here feet are active and flexed. Left thigh dropping down. Right leg hugging in towards center, and release. Second side, left foot forward, right foot back.

Finding your comfortable stance, hands to your hips. Inhale, heart up. Exhale, we fold forward over that front leg. Drawing the left thigh back. Pressing the calf forward.

Wide across the collar bones. We breathe up and exhale fold. Inhale lengthening, exhale folding. Opening up the hamstring, and then release your hands down. Take it further back into a lunge with that right foot.

Draw your left thigh back in towards its hip. Inhale we come up, high lunge. Then drop that back heel. Making your way to warrior one. Hands together in front of your heart.

We shift forward, hands down. Start to come up onto the ball of that back foot. Lifting up and then maybe coming up off the fingertips. Hands together in front of your heart. Perhaps the arms help you further out or reaching away from center.

So both legs are working. Reaching that back leg straight up. Outer hip hugging in, and then slowly releasing the hands down. Making your way back to warrior one. Coming forward, hands together in front of your heart.

We shift back into our warrior three. And then nice and slow, take your time on the transition. All your focus and your attention here as we draw the right thigh up towards your chest, and maybe extend the arms up with the leg forward. Inhale grounding through that foot. Exhale, drawing the ribs in towards your body, and nice and slow release.

Inhale breathe your arms up. Exhale lift and fold. Inhale heart forward, shoulders back. Breathe out all the way. Step back to plank and lower through chaturanga.

Inhale upward facing or cobra and exhale back downward facing dog. Walk your hands back. Inhale lift half way, exhale fold. Then make your way down onto your mat. Grab ahold of your block here.

Sweep your legs around and bring your heels in so that as we lie back you can reach for the heels with your fingertips. So feet are bout hip distance and we'll press down into your feet. Reach your knees forward towards the other end of your mat and slid the block underneath your hips. Allowing the block to support you. Extending the arms out, and here, once again starting to deepen your breath.

So inhale, take the breath deep into your belly. Into your chest up into the shoulders. Open your mouth and exhale. Inhale into the belly. Take it into the chest, up into the shoulders, and release your breath.

Starting to allow your body to feel heavy. Noticing the changes happening in your body as a result of your practice. Then press down into your feet. Lift the hips up as you reach the knees towards the front of your mat and slide the block out. Slowly making your way onto your back.

Cross your right ankle over the left knee. Creating a figure four. Active in your right foot. Pressing the knee away from you. Big inhale here as you exhale, let's thread the needle.

Take your arms through. Maybe the head and shoulders come up off the mat as you open up that right hip. Inhale and exhale come in a little closer. Release your figure four and reset. Right foot to the mat, left foot crosses.

Flexing through the foot, pressing the knee away, opening up the hip. Big inhale, as you exhale the arms come through. Grabbing ahold of the back of the thigh. Maybe the shin, and as you exhale we come up off your mat opening up your outer hip. Inhaling and exhaling.

Release your way out. Feet to the mat. Inhale here, as you exhale bring both knees in towards your chest. Grab ahold of the outed edges of your feet and draw the knees in towards the shoulders. Soles of the feet up towards the sky.

Closing your eyes here and envisioning the happy baby. Perhaps one that rocks from side to side. So allow that smile. The happy baby to spread across the corners of your mouth and bring the hint of a smile to the corners of your eyes. Release your feet and then place your body in shavasana.

Setting the right foot down and then the left, and then carefully placing your hands. Inhaling and exhaling. And here allowing the benefits of your practice to come together. Sensing an awakened presence. Attuning in.

As you breathe in, remember what you needed from your practice today. Inviting that sense of energy or alertness into your body, and as you breathe out, clear out the mornings fog. Imagine breathing thoughts off to the side, and any heaviness. Grounding and being present in the here and now. And feel free to linger here if that's what your body's asking for, and whenever you're ready.

Roll to one side, pause. Soaking up the benefits of your practice, and when you come up use your arms and hands to help you make your way. With your head coming up last. Finding your way back to a comfortable seat. And noticing.

Sensing the changes from the start of our practice to now. Bring your hands together in front of your heart. Grateful that you took the time to create the sense of well being for yourself. We bow to each other with namaste. The light in me honors the light in you.


Wow! What a great video!
Thank you Oceanna, glad you enjoyed it!
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This really made me feel so much lighter- thank you
Thank you for sharing Jayne! I appreciate the feedback.
This was a wonderful practice, thank you! I feel much more focused and balanced now!
You’re welcome Samantha! I appreciate the feedback and am happy to hear you experienced the benefits.
Morning fog - GONE! Thank you, Denise Antonini!
Haley Yay! Mission accomplished. May you move through the day with presence. In gratitude, Denise
This is a wonderful routine, thank you. I feel alive, and I will do it often. I especially benefited from the balances: Warrior 3? And it’s great the way you build the complexities and challenges of the moves and poses.
This is a wonderful routine, thank you. I feel alive, and I will do it often. I especially benefited from the balances: Warrior 3? And it’s great the way you build the complexities and challenges of the moves and poses.
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