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Resistance is your inner teacher. Peter introduces us to LEVITYoga, his freshest offering, and speaks of the tools and elements we can expect to encounter in this season. He explains how working with gravity and grace can allow for surrender to inner guidance, encouraging intuitive movement to find a truly personal practice.
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Apr 27, 2016
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Hi, my name is Peter Stereus and welcome to Levity Yoga. Levity Yoga, the name Levity Yoga has evolved over about 10 years and I've only started using it as a way to describe the yoga that I teach in the last year. What I'm trying to do is develop comfort in your practice with mystery, to have a little bit of, well, I'm not sure which way to go here and it's really a trial and error process. We access the creative parts of the brain through curiosity, through some recognition where we, in a way, abandon any kind of external influence of what we should do or what a teacher telling us how to do something and look inside of ourselves for our own guidance, our own intuitive curiosity to how to create this movement in hatha yoga. In a way, this is one of the hardest things to do in Levity Yoga as a teacher is how do I guide my students into an experience of themselves and keep them safe and allow them to go through like a child growing up, how do I allow them to make their own mistakes in a safe way and learn from those mistakes to create a truly personal practice.

Begin to trust, surrender, begin to trust your own intuition, your own trial and error and process and do it in a safe way and the safe way of doing it is, you know, the first step of being safe in yoga is maintaining a slow rhythm to your breath and if you're not maintaining that slow rhythm in your breath, chances are your attention is slightly out of the present moment and so my encouragement for you as you do some of the sequences on this show, can you make a priority of maintaining your attention present with slow breathing and even when the poses get challenging, if you lose that connection, back out a little bit. You should find a practice that serves you, doesn't serve the convenience of the teacher, it doesn't conserve the community that you're in, it has to serve you and the first step to that frankly is having a relationship with your teacher and in this day and age of let's say internet instruction, the beautiful thing about yoga on any time is that you're having an opportunity to listen to the teacher's talk about their practice and to share experiences that gives you a very personal feel for who that teacher is you're studying with online. That's what I'm trying to create for your experience either through demonstration, watching for instance these episodes on yoga anytime. I would spend some time just watching them and even the practices watch them and see if you can feel what I'm feeling when I'm practicing and in a way this is the way I learned with my teacher. So how to use these episodes that we've created here on yoga anytime.

I've designed these episodes so that you can view some of the lectures and some of the clinics to give you a basis of understanding for the practice and particularly the practice principles. I would encourage you to watch that before any attempt at practicing the other episodes and then as you get comfortable you can go through some of the exercises in that practice principle episode, practice those principles and then as you get more confidence in those principles begin with say the opening sequence and these episodes are designed to fit seamlessly with each other or if you want to if you're limited with your time each day you can just do them individually and I would leave it up to you to apply your own intuition and creativity to how you use these episodes for your own practice, how to support your practice.


Jon T
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Peter Sterios
Hi Jon, Sometimes the shows have trouble with different browsers. If you are on Firefox can you try using Safari or Internet Explorer. If that doesn't work, let me know. I will contact YogaAnytime and find out what the trouble is.
Jon T
It's on my end since I'm on Android. Sorry for the confusion and I'll check out the Chromecast option. Thanks for the quick reply Peter. Glad to see your classes online and am excited for your future releases.
North F
Hi Peter-your system seems to really compliment my lap swimming and hiking stuff. And, it is very cool that you are available for questions - like a real teacher. The other sites I am looking at don't have this component. Just did a really nice practice linking several of your shows together and read that there will be another "season" soon. So, excited about all this. Thanks.
Susan D M
Peter—-Thank you for your offering here. I do appreciate what I will call a gentle firm approach in this practice. Without realizing it I was not being gentle or kind to me — of course, I thought I was and the stiffness/tightness would become intimidating. For example, the 7 day pain free challenge, which I realize is level 2, I just thought let me do as much as I can. I stopped early on the challenge only to come back to it again.

For both, this practice and the 7 day Challenge, I am learning a new kind of abundance of the moment as I practice. My inner guidance has clearly said let the htightnessu dissolve—/ it will. The resistance is in my legs(quads, inner & out thigh, T ban , to hip, probably could even toss some sciatica in with mix. With that said and the practice focus was on the upper body, the below the area was more —well —relaxed.
Thank you again.
Peter Sterios
Hi Susan D , Thanks for the sweet message. I was just on the site checking for messages and yours popped up! All of these practices are fed from the realization of the "power of surrender" AND your "intuitive response". The practices remind us to find softness first, then the flexibility will come... "Stretching" is overrated. Moving into the space you create with softness is key! Good luck with your practice...

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