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Season 2 - Episode 2

Ocean Cleansing Breath

5 min - Practice


Cheri shares a short breathing technique called ujjayi, or ocean cleansing breath, to promote a feeling of deep, sweet calm. We direct our breath into the body and bring our hands to rest on any area that needs healing energy. You will feel more peaceful and clear.
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(waves crashing) Namaste. I'd like to share with you today a breathing technique many of you yogis and yoginis probably know already, as the Ujjayi breath, but it's also called the ocean breath, and today we're going to do some ocean cleansing breaths. You can gaze out at the ocean behind me if you like, and as we do this breathing, we're going to practice how to find it for those of you that are new to it first, and then after you found it, we're gonna do some specific holding points with hands on the body to then cleanse those areas. So, it could be a place that needs healing, that feels discomfort, could be a place where you know that you're holding stress or tension, or have a tendency to be very tight. So, we'll begin by connecting with the feeling of the glottis tissue, which is the tissue in the back of the throat, and this is the same tissue that makes the snore sound.

And we'll inhale through the nose a few times, and as you exhale through the mouth, you'll want to make the sound of the ocean. So, we'll inhale through the nose together, and with an open mouth as you exhale, (exhales audibly) it's almost like a whisper sound, exhaling with the sound of the ocean. (exhales audibly) And again, inhaling through the nose (inhaling audibly) exhaling with an open mouth, slightly lifting the glottis tissue and making a "haaaa" or soft ocean sound. (exhales audibly) This time we'll inhale through the nose, and as we exhale, we'll close the mouth but continue to make the ocean sound on the exhalation, and then on the inhalation, too. And then we'll continue the breath through the nose.

And we'll inhale through the nose (inhales audibly) and exhale, closing the mouth, let the air and the sound exit through the nose, and then inhale with that same feeling. (inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) And first directing the breath into the belly, and then into the side ribs, at the top of the inhalation, lifting up into the collarbone (inhales audibly) and slowly exhaling, the long, soft, slow exhalation from top to bottom, (exhales audibly) pouring all of the air out (exhales audibly). And you can close your eyes as you feel this rhythmic breath flowing into the belly, into the ribs, expanding all sides of the body, the front and back. And the long exhalation is especially calming, turning off the stress response, relaxing the body, you can let your shoulders soften. Let the face relax.

(inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) And now we'll choose to place our hands on an area that feels tight or an area that needs healing, and you'll inhale into that area, sweeping a cleansing ocean breath into the physical body, into the energetic body. (inhales audibly) Relaxing this area as you exhale. (exhales audibly) (inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) For one more breath here, three breaths in each place, deep inhalation. (inhales audibly) Cleansing with the ocean breath, and exhaling softening and releasing. (exhales audibly) And then choosing another place that feels would benefit from a focused breath and breathing and visualizing the ocean, the energy of the ocean flowing in, (inhales audibly) flowing out, carrying with it anything you're ready to cleanse and release.

It can be anywhere at all you feel you need release or healing. (inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) One more breath here. (inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) And for this last holding position, feel free to use one hand on the front or back of the body, one hand on the back, or the hands can rest together. Finding the next place that's calling for a little ocean energy, and inhaling. (inhales audibly) And softly relaxing that area as you exhale.

(exhales audibly) (inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) The breath massaging the inner body, and last breath, nice and deep. (inhales audibly) (exhales audibly) And releasing your hands and taking a moment to notice how you feel, any changes that have taken place. And remembering that your breath is always there, it's always right there, so you can take a few of these deep ocean breaths before going to sleep at night to help you go into a deep sleep, to release stress during the middle of the day. Any time at all you need connect with that Prana, the energy the breath holds. You can connect in this way through the deep ocean breathing.

Thank you for joining me. Namaste.


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very relaxing....
Hi Bridgid, Thanks for your note! I'm so glad you found the Ocean Cleansing Breath relaxing. I hope that you will continue to practice this breath work to experience more peace and relaxation in your daily life. Heart salutations...
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Hi Cheri,  I'm living in Italy, practicing yoga with you. Happy Thanksgiving dear love, and I am thankful to know you in this life.....
Robin Kaplan
Hi Robin, I'm so happy to hear you are practicing with me through the Yoga Anytime video series! How special to stay connected in this way! I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for your note, it makes my heart so happy! Sending warm hugs and much love xoxo
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So soothing!!!!! 
Hi Ivanna, Thanks for sharing your experience practicing the Ocean Cleansing Breath, it's great to hear from you!  With love...
Very soothing and relaxing
Hello Roslyn, I'm so glad to hear you found benefits from practicing the Ocean Cleansing Breath! May this breathing technique continue to support your ability to self soothe and relax. Much love...

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