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If we have the capacity, we can be the conduit through which love flows. These practices are designed to free and strengthen our central channel, the spine, in order to allow us to stand up and show up.
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Sep 13, 2014
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So I think I should start off by explaining the class that I'm going to teach with a quote by one of my favorite teachers, Eric Shiffman, and the quote is be the place where love flows through because it's good for others and it's good for you. And that quote really meant a lot to me when I first heard it probably eight years ago, but I've learned more and more about that quote. I've gotten further into the depth of it and what I've really understood now is that if you want to be the place where love flows through, then your body is the conduit for that love to flow through. Our physical body, that's what we have. So it made the physical body much more important to me and I was a vinyasa flow teacher, I was an Ashtanga teacher, and I started realizing that I wanted to break down the components of vinyasa flow and make it more available to a wider audience and maybe they would take this class or this series and use it towards building a stronger flow practice or maybe they would just stay with this class and never move up or on to flow. But it gave me a way to teach to a wide variety of people and so what, based on Eric's quote, I started really thinking about posture and structure and function and how I could use my body as a conduit for love. And so most importantly I guess the spine became the pinnacle part of what I'm doing. And there's also another quote by a teacher of mine, Paul Grilly, this is one of my favorite Paul quotes, and it is all the world is spinning, even the stars, only the spine is still. And so when you're having your craziest day and it's just completely chaotic or the hitting the fan and you don't feel like you have any control, you always have a way to come back to your spine and have your center. So that's really what this class is about, trying to help you find a true center so that if it's a time when you've lost a loved one or you are going through a bad divorce or just everything seems like it's going wrong, you might have a place to breathe, you can come inside, you can withdraw, pratyahara, withdraw into the body and find your spine, find your center, and hopefully use that axis mundi, your spine, your center, as your place to receive guidance and you can truly be the place where love flows through. So I hope it conveys and I'm glad you're here. Namaste.


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Thank you! I love those two quotes, so mystical and yet so practical. x
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Look forward to taking this course. When my spine is healthy, I am more giving and less anchored in physical pain, but also better able to deal with silly things like someone not putting on their blinker. Thanks for alluding to your teachers.  
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David Goldstein I feel the same way! Taking care of my spine has been a necessity for the same reasons....I'm so much more patient and aware and kind when I feel support and health in my spine. Thanks for sharing. Gave me a chuckle to know I am not the only one !! ;)

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