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Kate Smith

Kate Smith

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Kate Smith is hilarious. Her straightforward, southern rye sense of humor is so fast out of the gate, it takes us slow motion Southern California types a few seconds to realize what just happened.

We had to leave some of her best material on the cutting room floor to keep the site family friendly, so stay tuned for the Director’s Cut that might get released one day.

Kate came to yoga in 1998 at age 21 while living in San Francsico. She stumbled into Larry Shultz’s Its Yoga on Folsom Street in San Francisco, and in 2001 found herself in his Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training. Upon certification, she moved to Sedona, Arizona for a brief stint of absolute immersion into New Age culture - vortexes and all. While in a sweat lodge, she heard the guidance to move back to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina to teach yoga. Shortly after, she had opened Gaea Yoga in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Being the daughter of a hand surgeon, she has been fascinated with anatomy all her life. Her desire to dive deeper has lead her to study with Paul Grilley, Gil Hedley and many others. Her heart’s call to be internally aligned lead her to study with Erich Schiffmann, and most recently the Bhagavad Gita has captured her heart as a tool of Alignment on the Planet. Kate is interested in the longevity of yoga as a daily, sustainable practice for healing and self-growth.

Having closed her yoga studio in 2019, Kate now spends as much time as she can on or near the ocean with her husband and daughter and their two water-loving brown dogs. She self-published a novel in 2016 called Brine. She will happily mail you a copy if you message her.

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