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In season 2, Emily shares practices designed to create more freedom and ease in the body. We address the usual sticky spots—stretching and opening the wrists, hands, shoulders, and chest. We also explore practices to relieve lower back pain and find stability and mobility in the hips. Using props for support, we mindfully explore the edges in our body.
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Aug 16, 2016
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(relaxing waves) Hi everyone, welcome to season two of Too Tight to Stretch. These practices are designed for you if you're feeling a little bit tighter in your body and will help to create a little bit more freedom, and ease. And in this season, you'll find practices with me for your wrists and your hands, and a short sequence that you can do often. Practices to create more mobility in your shoulders, your upper back and your chest. A practice for your low back, for little more comfort and ease.

Ways to create stability and mobility in your hips. You'll also find some accessible practices for stress and anxiety. And you'll notice in each practice that we use different props. We use the wall at times, a chair, blocks, blankets, a strap. And I really invite you to take good care of yourself in each practice and always be mindful of the edges in your body.

I hope that this practice is helpful for you and I thank you so much for joining me this season. Namaste.


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Dear Emily
Your exercises are fantastic but I would love to know something: what is the right sequence of your class "too tight to stretch".
I'm a REAL beginner and I find a bit difficult understand what to do.A lesson a day? From the first video to the last and then again?I have huge benefits but I don't have enough knowledge to choose by myself the right path.I'm afraid to forget something. Have a nice day.
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Hi Pietro!
I am so sorry I missed your last comment!

I appreciate your thoughtfulness in starting your yoga practice.

Although the practices I taught are released in a certain order, you do not need to practice them in any specific order. They are quite gentle and should have a good amount of explanation of the poses. Therefore, you can choose to practice them in any order you would like.

However, your idea of going through from start to finish then beginning again is a good one because I think you may have more variety that way and variety is good for the body and mind.

Also, when you are ready to try other things, if you haven't already, you may enjoy Alana's Too Tight to Stretch seasons, as well as Arturo Peal's classes. They also are gentle and offer a lot of explanation.

I hope this helps and please do not hesitate to ask me anything else.

All the best,
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Dearest Pietro

Great question! I paused in answering to see if Emily had a response. Most likely she will have her own opinion on this age old question.

It seems like you feel a connection with Emily (isn't she great!?) and these practices, so yes, by all means there is so much benefit in repeating the lessons to allow for a sense of "progress" and refinement.

When you are feeling more confident in your relationship with the teachings, we welcome you to venture out to:
Welcome to Yoga w-view/55/Yoga-Show-Welcome-to-Yoga
Here you will find more beginner practices as well as some talks about beginning a practice and what to expect.

Let us know if you have any specific injuries or conditions so we can be more helpful.

So glad you are here!

Ha, Emily, we answered at the same time. Happy New Year! Love, xok
Sounds perfect!!!

Thank you, Emily.

I've already tried some of Alana's lessons and thank you for suggesting me the Arturo's one.

I'm tons of hours at the computer in this part of my life, and I do really need some stretch and mental freedom.

Too Tight To Stretch looks like the right one for me.


Two Teachers at the same time.
A successful start !!!
Thank you, Kira, answer..while I was writing to Emily I didn't notice answer.
Well, yes..I have a problem, and I hope it is not going to be serious but honestly I'm a bit afraid of it: I have some issue with my elbow and my pinky finger..It's the ulnar nerve, and I have to do something quite fast.Someone is talking about SURGERY:(. LEt's find a better way and where I live now there is no support for an alternative way, so I choose you.I don't believe in magic but maybe with some gentle exercise and breathing.
Happy New Year Emily and Kira and to all the family of
Oh Pietro, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. You might also drop in with Patricia over at YogaRX. iew/1583/video/Yoga-Hand-and-Wrist- Joints-by-Patricia-Sullivan
Patrici has a lot of experience with that mischief and might have great direct suggestions. xok
Hi Pietro!

I am so glad you got answers from us both!

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing pain in your elbow and pinky. That isn't fun. I hope that finding some practices that help will give you some good self care tools that you can enjoy on a regular basis!

I hope practicing with all of us is super helpful!

I think Kira has a class that would be good for you too! I will try
to find it and send link! ew/94/video/Yoga-Open-the-Neck-and- Shoulders-by-Kira-Sloane

Here it is! I think this would be helpful too!
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