Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Inner Channel Surf

55 min - Practice


Kira opens with ten minutes of guided meditation to allow us to become familiar with the nadis through breath in our nostrils. She carries this subtle layer of awareness into the postures in search of a more intimate experience of the shapes in this Yin practice.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves crashing) Hi, welcome back. In this sequence, we'll play with tuning in towards some of the inner currents, what our yogi friends call the naughties, and then we'll bring that i...


Most excellent journey!
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Kit! xok
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Thank you for guiding us deeper into the subtle realms Kira! Sublime.
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Thank you so much for such a beautiful session/practice!
Thank you Feroshia for being here.
Thank you for guiding me into my inner channels. It was interesting, new and unexpected intense. I love the picture with the quiet lake and the monkeys can see their reflections.
Isn't it magnificent in there, Silke ? Happy. xok
Fascinating practice. Relaxing, clarifying and focused, but also made me feel a bit nauseous or like I was experiencing vertigo. Have any other students ever mentioned that?
Dearest Catherine, yes, sometimes when playing with the subtle energies, nausea can occur. I hope it passed quickly. Next time, try practicing with your eyes open and see if that helps. xok
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This is awesome
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