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Yin Yoga

Slow down and meet yourself. This show will offer a collection of Yin Yoga practices and Meditations to help you drop in and find ease, contentment, and satisfaction for what is.

Season 1 - Kira Sloane

In Season 1, Kira will offer a series of progressive Yin Yoga sequences to prepare us for meditation and as a way to touch into the subtler energies of Self.

Season 2 - Kira Sloane

In season 2, Kira continues to explore and incorporate subtle body techniques into the Yin practice, allowing them to inform and enrich our alignment and connection with ourselves.

Season 3 - Kate Smith

In Season 3, Kate Smith shares anatomically detailed Yin yoga practices to find opening, awareness, and relief throughout the body, specifically targeting the spine, neck, and lower back.

Season 4 - Alana Mitnick

Slow down and offer yourself to stillness. In Season 4, Alana shares yin practices and shapes to marinate and meditate passively for a prescribed length of time. We will hydrate the tissues while increasing our flexibility, elasticity, and mobility as we age. You will feel open and easeful.

Season 5 - Jeanne Korn

What would it feel like to slow down, soften in, and be still? In Season 5 of Yin Yoga, Jeanne guides us on an enriching journey through the chakras, or energy centers, of the body, exploring yin shapes and gentle transitions to inspire the flow of fresh energy and circulation. With attention towards the breath and sensations, these practices are designed to release tension, create inner space and awareness, awaken self compassion and deepen self love, and provide nourishment to your whole being.

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