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Yin Yoga

Season 2

Kira Sloane

In season 2, Kira continues to explore and incorporate subtle body techniques into the Yin practice, allowing them to inform and enrich our alignment and connection with ourselves.


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Alice R
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No pressure, Kira, but I'm ready for about 15 more seasons of this. Love it so much!
Kira Sloane
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Alice, you make happy. xok
Patsy H
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These two sessions have been helping me so much in my life. Thank you, Kira Sloane ! I wish i could study with you in person! This is my first introduction to yin and I'm in love!
Kira Sloane
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Dearest Patsy, isn't it a great practice?? So glad you are here! We are getting ready to film Season 4. Let me know if you have any special requests. xoKira
Laura M
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Thank you for this wonderful practice!!!
Ann-Marie E
Every time I practice with Kira I find myself saying out loud "she's so lovely", I just am smiling, relaxed and clear. Thank you!

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