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Kate welcomes us to this season of The Yoga Flow Show, where she will share wildly creative sequences inspired by Lotus Flow. Prepare yourself to move fluidly in all directions with chakra-inspired classes that include unique transitions and advanced asanas; all infused with spirit and fun.
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Nov 09, 2016
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(waves crashing) Hello, welcome to the Vinyasa Flow Show. My name is Kate Duyn Cariati, and this collection of practices is inspired by Lotus Flow. So it's gonna move. It's gonna move this way and that, every inch of the mat. You may start out facing one direction, turn to the other, and make your way back like you're creating a mandala throughout the practice.

There are lots of different interesting transitions from one pose to the next, and we'll be exploring a lot of different variations. One practice is inspired by Vishnu, so we'll be tackling different incarnations of Vishnu throughout the postures. I had a good time creating that. Another practice is all about asymmetrical arm balances, and inversions, and deep core awakening to help support that. Then we have a heart and throat opening practice to help move the energy of the heart upwards so you can communicate and share the love.

Another practice about deep, yummy side bends, oh, it feels really good. Can't wait for you to feel that one. (laughing) And then another practice, one of my personal favorites, is about revolving and evolving, and it explores really interesting transitions and variations of Compass pose. So you turn the energy up toward the light. It's sort of a metaphor for receiving the light and evolving toward your higher self.

Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me, and I hope that they make you feel free in your own body and help you unlock whatever you're holding so that you can truly liberate yourself and fall in love with the skin that you're in. Thank you. Namaste.


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Kira Sloane
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