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The Breath Loves You

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The breath is one of our most intimate relationships. In this simple supine pranayama exercise, Kira shares four essential facts about the breath. Join as she guides us toward a deeper appreciation of what already Is.
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(water wave breaking) So the teachings of yoga only exist in relationship. They don't exist without us. And so as the yogis are requesting us to see more clearly. One of the main pieces of advise is just to start to notice the relationship you're already in. And one of our deepest, most intimate, long lasting relationships for each of us is with our own breath.

And so this super simple, easy supine perinium exercise is just designed to help tune this awareness; tune our attention deep inside, to our own breath. So what we'll do, we'll start supine. Lay down comfortably, maybe you have a yoga mat, maybe not. Bring your heels close to your sit bones. And if it feels okay, let your arms come up over the top of your head.

What I like to do is bend my elbows just a little bit. It just makes the shoulders slip in a little bit. It's a little bit more comfortable. Alright here, spread the toes wide, and we'll just begin by getting in the mood with something we call windshield wiper. And we'll be starting like this a lot.

Inhale here, and as you exhale you'll gently role onto the edges of your feet, letting your knees fall to that same side. As you inhale, you'll let your knees come back up center. And as you exhale, you'll let your knees come over to the other side. We'll just continue like this getting in the mood. Inhale in the center.

Exhale leads to a side. And inhale, knees center. And then exhale, knees to the other side. About a handful like this. Just starting to like let the legs coordinate with the breath.

And then you'll help yourself if you really start to tune your attention to the breath. And so the next time the knees come over to the left, so that you're lengthening on your right side. Lengthen on your right side, like reach your right arm a little bit more over the top of the head. Roll your right hip away. And you'll be able to feel more your right in between the ribs, into that right lung a little bit, into the hip, actually lengthen.

Okay super nice. Inhale, bring the knees back center. Exhale, please bring the knees over to the right. So now you're lengthening on your left side. So actually feel your arm lengthen.

Feel your hip roll away. Start to be able to tune your mind into what you're feeling. So these little spaces in between the ribs, like the length in the hip. Soften the eyes. Okay, now we're gonna repeat that with just a little bit more inner awareness.

So you'll inhale, bring the knees back up center. Exhale, knees will again come over to the left. So now I'm lengthening on my right side. And request here, please, is start to let your awareness become more intimate with your right lung. So like, let your mind find your right lung.

And as you find your right lung, can you feel the movement of the breath? Yeah. So allow for the inspiration and allow for the expiration. And often our awareness will come to the front center first, just because we have more of an intimate relationship here. So, can you be a little bit more attentive to feeling that maybe the back bottom of the lung.

Yeah. And this brings us to the first fact of the breath. The first fact of the breath, notice, she responded immediately. Like as soon as you brought your attention to her, she was right there for you. Okay.

Inhale, you'll let the knees come back up center. And what we'll do the same on the other side. Exhale, the knees will come over to the right. And so now you're lengthening a little bit on the left side. Same idea though.

Please let your awareness drop in a little bit deeper. So right into that left lung. Like let your mind find this left lung. And as you start to find the left lung, is it, just notice, the left lung is about, can be up to a third smaller than the right lung. Okay, because she's made room for the heart.

And so, here you are, you're in this left lung. So the first fact of the breath, she responded immediately. Second fact, she's been here the whole time. So even without your attention, she's here. Okay, again, be a little be more aware to the back bottom.

It'll just help. Kind in the eyes, easy in the jaw. Okay. When you're ready, we'll do this one more time, each side. Inhale, knees back up center.

Exhale means over to the left again now. You're lengthening your arms. I'm using this hand to show you where I mean, but your arm is up over the top of your head. Your lengthening through this right side. And so as you bring your awareness back into the right side, just again, just tune back into this right lung.

And is it obvious that she's bigger? Maybe not. And so again, noticing the breath. Fact number one, she's right there. She responds immediately.

I mean, what other relationship does that? Two, she's been here this whole time. Third fact, just to consider, she's never asked anything of you. Okay, then one more time. Inhale, knees come back up center.

Exhale over to the right side, one more time. So you feel this left side again. And again, being aware of this left lung, just a little smaller because of where the heart sits. And so again, just again, as you're aware of this breath, as you start to draw your attention right here, right now, because this is the breath. The breath only happens now.

She responds immediately. She's been here the whole time. She's never asked anything of you. And the fourth fact, and we'll explore this more together in other sequences; she never lies. And so the request, the request of the yogis, let you knees come back up, maybe just widen your feet.

Let your knees come together. Might feel good to just rest your hands on your body, or down by your side. Okay, your eyes might close. And the request of the yogis is, can you consider the possibility, okay, this relationship that you're in with the breath, can you consider the possibility that the breath loves you? Responding immediately.

Here this whole time. Never asking anything. And always telling the truth. So just let yourself rest with this consideration. And allow yourself during the day to come back to this, back to this memory that you are already in a loving relationship.



Zoe Ho
1 person likes this.
So beautiful! How amazing that in 10 minutes I could soften and receive that knowledge that I am deeply loved. Fantastic, Kira
Kira Sloane
1 person likes this.
Zoe, you are!
Martie S
1 person likes this.
These practices are very calming and soothing for me - almost meditative in nature - which I find absolutely essential; I feel grounded, loved and safe.
Kira Sloane
Martie, love, happy to hear.
Katherine E
I am so grateful. Very healing and loving. I felt like you were speaking for my body. I wanted to start a conversation .
Kira Sloane
Kath, yes, these teachings exist in relationship. Happy to be practicing together.
Katie M
1 person likes this.
Lovely practice. Thank you!
Elke I
1 person likes this.
a lovely practice, thank you - it became a meditation of gratitude for me
Kira Sloane
1 person likes this.
Dearest Katie, thank you for being here. xok
Kira Sloane
Dearest Elke, yes, I also often fall into a deep space of gratitude with this. Amazing. xok
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