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Inner Workings

The practices of yoga are designed to increase Self Awareness. This collection is designed to spark curiosity and interest of the magnificent internal landscape of you. We will explore the mechanisms that make us human beings. We will gain understanding and insight into the workings of the mind, the longings of the heart, the functions of our organs, the rotation of our joints and how all of this gets put together. We're looking forward to learning together.

Season 1 - Become Friendly with Yourself

The practices of yoga only exist in relationship. In our first season of Inner Workings we begin to explore the inner relationships between the heart, breath, mind and body with Kira.

Season 2 - From the Visible to the Invisible

We continue our self study through an investigation of the hips, shoulders, and the subtle currents that run through them.

Season 3 - Sensing the Self

This season, Kira invites us into a study of Pratyahara, or the drawing of the senses inward. Building on the skills honed in previous seasons, these lessons utilize awareness of the chakras and their corresponding sense organs as a gateway into the subtle.

Season 4 - Devon Riley

How can we soften into the experience of what is already here? This season, we meet Devon Riley, who leads us through a series of awareness and embodiment practices as an invitation to explore an intimacy with Self and the present moment.

Season 5 - Jani Jaatinen & Ricky Tran

How do we maintain this relationship with the interior when we want to start to do more? To be in action in the world and connected to the subtle takes practice. This season, we try a new experiment, welcoming two international practitioners known best for their asana practice. Each aims to point towards the subtle through conversations, tutorials, and practices focused on the relationship between the body, bandhas, and the breath.

Season 6 - Emma Warmington

In Season 6, Emma shares practices that encourage us to tune out the external stimulus and tune into the subtle internal connection. With attention and awareness on the breath, our foundation, and listening to our bodies, we focus on self-care.

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