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Brenda invites us to join her in this progressive series that will help us build, cultivate, and nurture our energy. After 14 days, we'll feel replenished and alive!
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Jun 01, 2016
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Welcome to 14 Days of Yoga for Energy. Through these practices, we'll build, create, and cultivate energy and not simply just burn through energy. We'll use poses that will generate heat, create stability and create strength, and at the same time, we'll learn to relax in the poses, so finding ease in our effort. That way when we're finished our practice, we can feel nourished and replenished. Our practices will start day one, 10 minutes and build up to day 14, 30 minutes.

We'll create a foundation that we'll build upon so then there's that feeling that you can have, that "I got this, I know this," and I'll sprinkle in enough fun and enough new stuff to keep it fresh and engaging. We're in this together, 14 days of yoga. Join me on the mat to do the work so we can feel better in our every day lives by increasing our energy and feeling more alive.


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