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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 2: Breathe Into It

20 min - Practice


Use your breath to build some heat and hone your strength in today's yoga practice with Robert Sidoti.
What You'll Need: No props needed


(ocean waves) Hey, welcome back! Number two, you showed up again. That's huge, right? And I won't ever diminish that value. Showing up, number two, alright? So to start off with, today...


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A lovely way to start the day - felt very warming and nurturing - thanks 😊
Glad you enjoyed Kathryn!
Hey everyone! How do you all feel after Day 1 and 2?
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it's very comforting to know I made the commitment....I'm falling in love with yoga again!! I had gotten hurt overdoing yoga and not listening to my own body .... it has taken years to trust again.
Thank you!! I really enjoy your style, it works so well for me ALL the prompts you give...I can relax and find MY pace . You are a great teacher!!
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2 down! 28 to go!
Skiing in Wisc. Now know I have to work on calves, ankles and feet. A rest day today... VAIL here I come! Thank you, you're the best. I'll let you know if my 2 sisters start the challenge.
Astrid! Nice to hear you're falling in love with yoga again! Thank you for trusting in me and Yoga Anytime, see you for Day 3 soon!
Jenn, sounds like you're on a skiing adventure, sounds amazing and fun ... LOVE VAIL! I just returned from Stratton with 2 fractured ribs, I guess I thought my snowboarding skills were better than they actually were:) Hope your sisters join up, keep posting, I'll be right with you all the way through!! See you for Day 3!
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I tend to hold a lot of muscle tension so the breathing is very helpful in releasing that. Have a person trainer and thought I could get away from the SQUATS - you got em in there!
Dannette! The breathing is everything! Doesn't it feel great when you feel that immediate release of tension or stress with a few conscious breaths?! And yes, I love teaching these squats, they are so very effective and useful!
good morning everyone! Thanks for the session Robert, those squats just WOKE me UP! :) not to many, just enough, great.
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