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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 22

Day 20: Open-Hearted Superhero

20 min - Practice


Feel your spirit generous, and your front body expansive with today's yoga sequence chock-full of heart-opening backbends.
What You'll Need: Mat


(gentle waves) Hey welcome back to YogaAnytime. 30 day showing up. Day number 20, practice number 20. We're gonna meet some new friends today. We're gonna meet friends that encourage b...


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This is a great way to prepare for and approach Wheel. My low back felt safe and well protected the whole time.
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Because of arthritis in my back I haven't done much with back bends so these two last days I've been cautious with them but I have to say that the way you guide us has gotten me much further than I anticipated and it feels sooo good to stretch in that way again!!
Jess and Astrid ... YES YES YES!! Safe back bending is the best:) To be able to experience those potentially very liberating and freeing heart openers and backbends without the low back risk of injury is so nice, I personally love the feeling of them as well and stay away from unnecessary pain in low back, no need for that! Day 20 done, boom!! Good job to you all!
my body feels open and expanded, moving with ease throughout my day, :) such a great feeling! thank you Robert, good day all.
Good to hear Maria, and a day day back to you my friend!!
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I absolutely loved rolling from side to side in locust!
Isn't the best Erika?!! I love that one as well!
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Great practice Robert - looking forward to Day 21
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I am feeling stronger and stronger, thank you Robert! My arms went numb after interlacing them behind my back (so I stopped that) but it all felt great on my low back. Also I've not been able to get into wheel for 20 years until today!! Little shakey coming out of it though....Looking forward to day 21 and beyond!
Awesome Sylvia, so good to hear you are feeling stronger and that wheel felt like a success to you!! That numb feeling is totally normal and you did the right thing:) I'll see if I can catch up with you toward the end of the challenge, see how you're doing!
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