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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 27

Day 25: Receptive Exploration

20 min - Practice


Be willing to open yourself wide and be receptive to the exploration of the heart space in today's yoga sequence.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hey there. Welcome back to Yoga Anytime. We're gonna get started here on number 25. Yeah! 25, 24 we did a little bit of twisting, right? We're wringing things outs.
</p> ...


I felt this practice deeply. It took me to places I don't recall ever being before, what a lovely surprisešŸ’œ thank you Robert! see you tomorrow, good day all!
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I love that comment Maria! Happy to be there with you:)
Good job Janet! Must be on Day 26 by now, I'll come over there and check on you:)
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The practice always seems to fit what I need for the day! on to day 26! Am thinking that if you haven't started another 30 day challenge by the time I'm finished I could begin this challenge again. What's your thoughts Robert.
Happy to hear Louisa!
My thoughts are that you could definitely find a lot of value in repeating this same challenge, you may have some new and different revelations or experiences! Also, there may be another Yoga Anytime challenge/series of interest to you?
Kira could speak to that:)
I would love to shoot another challenge, so hopefully we do and we get you going on that one too! What a pleasure knowing you virtually and through these threads:) Namaste
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Thank you Robert, now for today's session 26!
I would be so happy if you could offer another challenge. I am so thankful for this one. Thank you.
Dearest Anne Marie, your wish has been granted, Robert Sidoti will be making another shortly! We can't wait. xok
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Wow. This is very exciting! I am looking forward to this. Thank you.
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