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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 30

Day 28: Groovy Shoulders

20 min - Practice


Relieve your overworked neck and shoulders by attending to them with some attention and care in today's floor yoga practice.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves crashing) Hey, welcome back to Yoga Anytime, this is number 28, so a lot of the practices we are on our shoulders, you know we might get sore in our shoulders, our neck, our upp...


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This will be perfect after I've been lifting or doing strength conditioning - thank you!
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Well, that was just exactly what I needed today! :)
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Perfect session today just what I needed for those shoulders as they were getting a little tight near the spine. Thank you
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This sequence would be good to promote slep becore bedtime. These 28 sesions have been wonderful. I am thankful for this challenge. I am amazed at the changes in only 20 minutes per day. The power of choice and the power of incrementalism.
Sounds like this sequence was just what you guys needed based on your comments:) Day 28!! By the time I'm writing this comment you all have finished by now! Good job staying consistent and 'SHOWING UP'!!
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Very relaxing. Thank you!
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I am so grateful to you Robert! I have been trying to encourage myself to do a home practice for years! I really mean lots and lots of years! Somehow I was guided to this challenge and whatever was blocking me has melted away!! I look forward to practicing with you every morning! Your style is so delightful! Your funny, sweet, and you also convey the sacred about this amazing practice!! Thank you so, so much and Namaste!! 🙏🏾
Ohhh Jo , thanks for the sweet words🙏🏽 And I’m so pleased and happy to hear this has helped you find a home practice🧘‍♂️
Glad you made it here!! Sending Pura Vida from Costa Rica!!
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Thank you so much Robert Sidoti ! I loved it. This is just what i needed it. Im gonna sleep like a baby. As you said.... we make choices and i think that showing for this practice was the best way to close my day.
I really enjoy every practice! You have a great energy ! ? see you tomorrow! Namaste.
Ruth ! I can’t believe you’re already at Day 28! You’ve made a clear choice and priority in doing this everyday, so much credit to your efforts here👍👌 I’m so happy you fee the way you do... how was your sleep?!
See you soon!
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