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Season 2 - Episode 3

Hip Strength

10 min - Practice


Move towards greater stability and strength. Peter shares a short practice for hip strength. We explore a full range of movements to increase the overall mobility and integrity of the pelvis, hips, and legs. This practice culminates with balancing to help integrate the various parts.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Aug 25, 2016
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Great session! I specially liked the last part, its great for equilibrium I will be adding it to my yoga practices. Thanks !
You're welcome!
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I am getting better at this practice. Really have to work on getting up all the way with my arms extended over my head. Ii will keep working on it. Just noticed today you are based in SLO. Love it there. Our daughter, LEED certified, runs the City PLanning division at RRM. SMall world!
Hi Suzanne, nice to hear you're enjoying the practice. The key to lifting arms when shoulders are limiting is releasing the collarbones and reducing unnecessary muscular effort, especially in the chest and thorax. It is a small world... I'm an architect and know the founders of RRM. It's a great firm.
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Great daily stretch and strength for hips. Thanks.
Kristi You’re welcome.
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This is pretty tough for me. Which I guess means I really need it.
Hi Kristi I hope with regular practice you find the "tough stuff" becomes easier. Finding softness in everything is the key.
Love it. Great addition to my practice.

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