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Season 2 - Episode 4

Shiva's Shoulders

20 min - Practice


Peter leads us through a sequence of deep shoulder stretching, resulting in greater ease, mobility, and freedom in the shoulders. We end with the dance of Shiva, playing with and integrating our new shoulder flexibility and attention in the mind.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wow. I’ve never felt some of these areas before. Bless you for the exploration Peter. :)
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Wonderful feeling, thanks Peter!
How about inviting Masood again and creating a Shiva dance sequence with music?
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Wonderful arms and shoulder stretch and work !! Should practice Shiva dance more . Thank you !
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Hi Peter, I have extremely tight shoulders, I can not get them behind me unless I use a strap. These stretches went very deep and are intense. I felt the tightness in my back and front shoulders losen a bit. I have a long way to go to get my shoulders more flexible. I will do this practice often. Grateful for the challenge and the stretching. Do you have any other shoulder stretching videos that are less intense?
Love the dance of Shiva!
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I’ve been trying to find a class like this one all over YogaAnytime. About two poses in, I told my husband that I would bet anything that this teacher is a Universal Yoga teacher. It was validating when you mentioned Andre. I always love his shoulder work. Thank you and I can’t wait to take this class again.
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So great and intelligent!! Thank you!!

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