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Season 1 - Episode 5

Get Up Off the Floor

5 min - Practice
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Getting up and down from the floor is not always easy. Patricia shares several effective ways to get up and down using various degrees of support. You will feel more confident and encouraged.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Block (2)

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Nov 19, 2016
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(water rushing) Hello again, so getting up and down from the floor, for some of us, this can get to be kind of challenging. So I'm gonna show a couple of ways to get up off the floor and one way to get down. The first way you'll be on the floor, lying on your back. So I'm gonna start here and if you're able to rock up to sitting, that's what you'll do first, you'll lift your legs, rock up, and you're sitting. Now, how to get the rest of the way, swing your feet around so that you're on your hips, come onto your knees, bring the blocks back close to your knees, turn your toes under and then you rock a little bit, bring your weight forward and back, forward and then push with the blocks and you can pause with your hands on your knees for a moment or your elbows on your knees for a moment and then push up to standing.

Voila. Okay, so coming down. We're gonna move that block out of the way. We're just gonna need one for this one. Come over to your friendly chair and bend your knees a bit and put your hand on the chair, carrying just a little bit of weight with each hand, one high, one low, bend one knee and bring it down, ah we're there.

Okay, and then walking the knees over, lying, rolling around, and you're on your back again. So, second way to come up, you shift your hips and roll to your side, you can even put your head on your arm to do this. Sometimes it's nice to put the head on the block. Then, tucking the knees up as I pushed down with my free arm I slide the leg back and that gives me a little momentum for getting up to hands and knees, or hips, and around to hands and knees, the one block for the arm away from the chair, the other hand on the chair, just step forward with your near foot, either foot, really, and lift the knees off the ground and stand up. So there you are, those are the two ways to stand up.

The second way with more support, the first way with less. Happy standing.


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