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Season 1 - Episode 4

What to Wear

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Kira gives us five helpful tips on what to wear for your home yoga practice. (Hint: Don't be afraid to buy something new!)
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 22, 2016
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(gentle waves rushing) It might seem like one of the benefits of practicing at home is that it doesn't matter what you wear. Of course, this is true on some level, and yet also, as we slip into the ritual of meeting ourselves, what we slip into can have a huge affect. Sensually, different things will satisfy and satiate us. So let's just take a look at some of the ways you can help choose the appropriate costume. Number one, the tactile relationship.

How does your yoga costume feel? A lot of that depends on what you're gonna be doing. So, if you're gonna be doing a stronger, sweatier, more active practice, most likely, you'll want clothes that are more breathable, lighter, and move with you. Whereas, if you're gonna be doing a slower, more sedentary, lower to the ground practice, you're gonna want clothes that hold you, comfort you, feel cozier, okay? How you feel in your clothing, and how your clothing feels, will matter.

It will bring different layers of pleasure to your time with yourself on your mat. Two, your visual relationship with yourself in your practice. You're gonna be looking at yourself in your practice. Whether or not you're just looking down at your legs, or your hands, or your feet, or your arms, or some of you might be practicing in front of a mirror. And so, creating a costume that's visually pleasing to you, whether that's less clothing or more clothing, is really useful.

For example, not all of my parts stay in place like they did 20-some years ago, and so sometimes when I go upside down, I don't necessarily want to get triggered in my vain, most shallow aspects of myself all the time when I'm practicing, so I like to be covered. You might feel different. Three. Choose a fresh yoga costume. If your yoga costume smells, your practice will be stinky.

Your face is gonna be buried in yourself as you roll around on your mat. Let it be a pleasant experience. Four. How does your yoga costume sound? Now this can sound like a weird one, but you remember the (swishes lips) your corduroys used to make as you were a little kid?

So choose a costume that won't be distracting to you as you roll around in it. Now our fifth sense, here, taste. This isn't literally referring to like, how does your yoga costume taste, although you might end up tasting it at certain points, but does your current yoga costume suit who you are right now? Choose a costume that vibrates with you at this moment. That's what we're trying to discover.

So, don't be afraid to buy something new to practice yoga at home. It will make it more fun. Love.


June S
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This is so true! I have derailed many workouts by being triggered! (Is that all cellulite!?!-Omg my hair is crazy frizzy) I had to start biking because I couldn’t look critically at myself, I looked around instead. When I tried yoga previously I got distracted by the broken capillaries in my ankle. I will put more thought into what I’m wearing now.

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