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Home Yoga Props

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While yoga props aren't totally necessary for your home yoga practice, they can be very beneficial in supporting your home practice and in helping the yoga postures meet us as opposed to us trying to perform for the posture. Kira shows us the props that you will see throughout many of the classes on Yoga Anytime.
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Jul 22, 2016
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(relaxing waves) So yoga props are not necessary for your yoga practice and we have a whole bunch of yoga practices here on YogaAnytime that don't rely on them at all. We also have a bunch of sequences that suggest the assistance of yoga props. The main purpose of yoga props are to help the posture meet us as opposed to us trying to perform for the posture. Yoga props are pretty easy to get nowadays, whether that's through Amazon or even at your local Target or Walmart, or drugstore. At a minimum, I might suggest picking yourself up a yoga mat.

Okay? Also, those of you that are on the stickier side will find that it really helps to have a yoga strap. Additionally, two yoga blocks or bricks can really help in standing postures, essentially bringing the floor higher to you. A blanket, and you know this is a particular yoga-style blanket. Blankets are much more forgiving in most yoga practices.

Any old household blanket will do, but a blanket can really be nice to sit up on. Now, as we start to get more indulgent in yoga props, a bolster, which you'll see in a lot of the practices especially the restorative practices or more nourishing low to the ground practices, is a really nice investment once you find out that you like those kind of practices. But I will say bolsters can get on the expensive side, so that would be a purchase that I would reserve for when you really decide you need that. Okay, love.


Nuba Princigalli
Thanks for the pragmatic and down-to-earth pointers! :) 
Charlotte M
getting the posture to meet you is such an embracing way to look at props and to get rid of any niggling self doubts of having to use them since not being good/strong/flexible enough. Beautifully put - I'll borrow that 😊

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