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Season 8 - Episode 2

Align, Ground, and Center

10 min - Practice


Nicole guides us in a seated mediation to help us align, ground, and center. We start with pelvic rocking before moving into stillness. You will feel more calm and aware of the magic of your breath.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome back. We're gonna be doing a seated meditation together. And this will help bring us into our alignment. We'll begin with some pelvic rocks. If you have something that you like to sit on at home when you do your meditation, you can use a couple of stacked blankets or a bolster.

You can also do this meditation seated in a chair, so feel free. And if you are gonna sit in a chair, just be sure to put your feet flat on the ground. We'll begin the the pelvic rocks together. You can notice your breath here, and you're bringing your awareness into your sit bones and your pelvic floor. And we don't necessarily need to be doing any type of specific breathing, but we do just want to begin to feel the breath.

Notice the breath, hear its sound. And you're tucking, you're curling the pubic bone back towards the navel, and then you're extending, and you wanna get a little extra extension. Press the chest open, squeeze the shoulders back, and then tuck again. And just a couple more of these. And find that nice stretch in your lower back.

And then, as you're moving, you may have noticed your sit bones, or the bottom of your pelvis. I'm just gonna drop your attention right to that point of contact, where the sit bones are resting into the cushion. And feel that action of reaching and extending, and then breath into your lower belly. And see if you can feel the back of the sacrum becoming aware of the top and sides of your pelvic bones, your hip bones, and all the way down into your pubic bone, getting a sense of your whole pelvic bowl. Allowing your eyes to close now, and visualizing your pelvic bowl as a pond.

A bright, clear, blue, sparkling gold pond of life force energy. And as you breathe, gradually lengthen your breath to feel your ribcage open and expand. And listen to your breath. And letting that breath mix with the life force of your pelvic bowl. And imagine the breath carrying the life force throughout your body.

Up your trunk, your spine, out your arms, all the way to your fingertips, down your legs, all the way to your feet. As you're settling in, you may notice sounds around you, or your thoughts. Just as there's a lot of movement at the surface of the ocean, the deeper we drop down, the quieter things become. Just allowing yourself to sink down. Noticing your breath right at your nostrils now.

And allowing that breath movement to become the most interesting thing. It's perfectly normal to feel yourself popping back up to the surface where there's more activity. When that happens, you just notice, and let yourself sink down again into the breath, into your seat-feet connection. And you can remind yourself that you're not trying to do anything here. Meditation is about relaxing, receiving ourselves and receiving our breath.

When you feel yourself tensing, just let it soften, gently encouraging yourself to soften and drop towards the breath. Remember not to worry if you notice that you've popped out of it. The moment that you notice, that's the signpost that just points you back to your breath and seat. And the fact that you're sitting here now, practicing, this is the success. For the last minute of our meditation, we're going to curl our tongue back.

So you just take the point of your tongue and wrap it back at the roof of your mouth. Lift your brow a bit. And as you inhale, you imagine the sound of ah, and as you exhale, you imagine the sound of om traveling right through your heart space. Ah, om. We're going to continue with this practice and gradually begin to open the eyes.

We're not completing out meditation yet as the eyes open. We're still with the ah, om. Becoming aware of your body and space and your surroundings. And that gentle reminder to relax. And then you're gonna begin to let your eyes blink, and slowly coming in.

And we just wanna take a minute to start to move. We can move our fingers, making a fist, make some movements with the shoulders, you can do some pelvic rocks and tilts. You can lift the chin, stretch the head. So just take a minute to start moving before you get up and go on with your day. And that's our seated meditation.


Diyana Dobberteen
Such a delight to have a "house call" emergency yoga line open to you, Nicole, my super Deva - via streaming video!
@Diyana thank you so much dear lady di. You are so sweet!
Kate M
This is beautiful. So grounding : ) Thank you, Nicole!
Sandra Židan
Thanks, Nicole, for this nice meditation! Namaste! ❤️🌹🌼

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