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The Self Care Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Day 5: Be Your Own Medicine

50 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 5! Inspired by Aparigraha, or non-grasping, lets draw our senses inwards for nourishment by developing a taste and appreciation for our own medicine. Building on the previous days, these practices are designed to help cultivate our inner resources and hone the skills of self-trust. Together, we become aware of when we turn outside ourselves for sustenance, and learn tools to soften our grip on life. You will feel more centered, empowered, and at ease with yourself and others.

Your journaling assignment for today is attached below, as well as a copy of the Chant Call and Response.

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What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)

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AAAHHH what a de-light-full experience to ungrip , loose the grasp and feel so soft...,as I opened my eyes after the meditation and my sight met the vast yard covered in snow with the morning sun glistening over and the many birds eating at the bird feeder,I experienced a much deeper connection (and still am as I write this) with the magic beauty of nature and just BEING in the experience. Thank you again Kelly for your gentle profound and sincere guidance!!
Already yesterday I let go of entertaining and distracting myself with Netflix shows as I cook and eat and do various chores. I'm committed to being mindful about this . I will abstain from checking facebook till next Monday and then I will make a new decision based on the feedback I got from the experience.
Hasta mañana :)
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Yesssssss! What beautiful reflections, Astrid. It's amazing what opens up when we do let go of our preferred distractions for just a moment or two! Cannot wait to hear about what comes up after your facebook hiatus! xo!
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Oh Kelly, THIS spoke to me. Yes, to being more aware and intentional about what I let in; books, podcasts, emails, courses, mailings, conversations, TV shows (except Grace and Frankie!!). Thank you again, for inviting such great self-study into our lives.
Big love to you.
YESSSSS, Sara! Beautiful work. Big love to YOU!
(& to Grace & Frankie!!!xoxo)
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Kelly, this my be an odd question but, I am wondering how you choose the particular movements and poses to support the theme of each episode. I am loving my experience but I wonder if I'm missing the connection that others see more clearly than I do.
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Tamie Hello! Thank you so much for being here. Yes, the movement practices are meant to complement the teachings, and I created each movement pattern especially for its corresponding day/teaching. One of the boons of practice is locating the connections your own body makes when moving through the sequences and prompts and it is likely (lucky!) that you may find some connections that had not occurred to me or others and vice versa; the work is to stay curious about your own experience. So happy to be in practice together! XO!

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