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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 3

Exploring Aum

40 min - Practice


Anuradha explores the transformative power of the sound AUM, what is said to be the most powerful vibration of the Universe. In the beginning, she explains the sacred meaning of AUM and breaks down the individual sounds. During the second part, Anudradha invites us to experiment and practice along with her, becoming aware of the sounds resonating in our bodies and soul.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 24, 2015
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Sharon H
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For me, best classes on site. Thank you for going back to the "roots" with clarity and grace.
Anuradha Choudry
Thank you Sharon, for resonating deeply with these powerful universal sounds.
Kate M
I will second Sharon's comment. Best offering on this site by far. Truly transformative. You have such a deep and experiential knowledge of mantra, and the ability to communicate the joy of the practice.
Anuradha Choudry
Thank you Kate for joining along and enjoying this exploration of the transformative power of the AUM. Very happy that it has found a resonance in your being.. happy sounding to you!
Juliet M
I have come to this series, knowing nothing about mantra. I am learning so much and your enthusiasm is infectious!                                     I have a very old, blind and deaf dog. He is so deaf, that the greatest care has to be taken, when getting his attention or you frighten him and yet he is clearly aware of  me sounding mantras! I find it fascinating, I suppose it is the vibration.
Anuradha Choudry
Dear Juliet , Thank you for your very encouraging remarks! Glad you are enjoying this discovery! The power of the mantras can do incredible things and am sure your dog like all animals 'know' when something deep and true is being sounded :) 
Caroline S
Thank you for the heartfelt presentation Anuradha, I very much enjoyed sounding Aum with you, with gratitude x
Anuradha Choudry
Dear Caroline S, Thank you for being part of this journey to discover the beauty and transformative nature of sounds! x

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