The Self Care Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 3: Soften Your Grip

60 min - Practice


Inspired by Asteya, non-stealing, we will cultivate and practice self-trust. Together, we unpack our fears and beliefs, becoming more intimate with how we cling or grasp and how our current beliefs influence our well-being. We explore trusting deeply in the body through a meditation and series of restorative and passive yoga shapes, offering ourselves so that we can expand into the fullness of possibility. You will feel held and supported.

Your journaling assignment for today is attached below, as well as a copy of the Chant Call and Response.

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What You'll Need: Mat, Sandbag, Chair, Blanket (2), Strap, Block (2)


Astrid U
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~What great way to start Valentines day with this invitation to fully trust the support of the earth and allow deep nurturing through trust! I'm so grateful to have found my way to this challenge.
Thank you so much Kelly !!~
Kelly Sunrose
Thank YOU!
So happy this practice is resonating!!
Kay B
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The restorative yoga practice proved to be a real blessing. Thank you Kelly.
Kelly Sunrose
I am so glad to read this, Kay. Thank you so much for sharing your practice and your thoughts.
Laurie W
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"Let the earth hold you." Precious.
Examining these ideas of trusting and not trusting is super deep stuff. It's easy to list our oldie goldie fears but when we begin to know them and work with how they show up in our bodies - it get real. That work takes yoga way off the mat and into my everyday movements and thoughts ie. "isn't it interesting that I'm gripping my toes while I'm brushing my teeth?! What am I thinking now?" This then becomes the work of my practice and, so it goes. Happy to be practicing with you. I told Sallie and she is going to join us!
Kelly Sunrose
SO happy this is resonating, Laurie!! (Yay!!!! I miss you and Sallie!! HUGS!!)
Paige G
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Loved this practice! Taking my arms overhead while the brick was underneath my heart felt extremely far away and made me hesitant for a moment. But when I told myself, "the Earth is there, it'll hold me, just reach for it", I felt it, and it wasn't as far away as I thought it'd be. Realizing that trusting the Earth being able to hold me, means I am able to hold myself :)
Kelly Sunrose
Oooh Paige! What a big insight! Those moments of truth that are unlocked through our embodied experience are POTENT! Thank you so much for sharing.
Silke S
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Trust ... self-trust. So important for everybody. We all are born with a 100% self-trust. We did know when we were hungry, we did know when we were tired. We took what we needed. Later we still knew, what we liked to eat and what not, and we knew which persons we liked or not. If you did not like a child on the playground you threw the child sand in the face. Imagine you would do this as an adult !!! But we (the experienced old ones) are forming the next generation, we are teaching them the "yes and nos". Sometimes on this path to grow up they loose their self-trust. I always tell my children, you are perfect like you are, do not compare yourself with others, trust your thoughts, be unique and sometimes weird, and whatever will happen today ... no matter ... the sun will shine tomorrow again. I love your challenge! Thank you.
Kelly Sunrose
Silke, SO true! And what a beautiful lesson for your children. LOVE! Thank you so much for being here!
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