Good Morning Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Mindful Flow

30 min - Practice


Align with your heart. Moving through Sun Salutations towards Warrior 3, we find opening in the shoulders, hips, and hamstrings in this mindful and energizing flow sequence.
What You'll Need: Mat


(wave rolling) Good morning, yogee, thank you for joining me. This morning we'll begin, as usual, with some Surya Namaskar A and B sun salutations, and then opening the hamstrings with some wide leg f...


Good morning, Alana ! I did this practice yesterday and liked that it created more heat than Freedom in the Front Body. However, when I went to practice it again this morning, I was drawn back to the Freedom in the Fron Body. I thinks its because Mindful Flow does not have the 3-4 minutes of warm up. I found that the extra time given to drop in is easier on my body. Interesting how each day is different. :)

Good Morning, Christin! Great observations. I'm glad you were able to blend the two practices to work for you. Stay tuned for "Ground and Energize" to be released on Monday. I'll be curious to know how it goes. xo Alana
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Today was my first time on Yoga Anytime. I really enjoyed this class. Will try the others now. Thank you! Amber
Welcome, Amber! So happy you found Yoga Anytime. I am delighted to be practicing together. Enjoy, Alana
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Alana, this was my first foray fully back into a Yoga class and I can't tell you how perfectly suited it was for me. Thank you!
Kristi, I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice. Thank you for watching...what an honor!
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Alana, you have a peaceful and relaxed presence that is rare for someone so young. I teach so often that it is hard to turn off my teacher voice, and yet listening to you helps me let go and move into my inner voice. Thanks!
Dear Holly, What a gift to read your words. So delighted you are here and enjoying the practice. Thank you sharing. Xo Alana
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Great way to start the day. I look forward to trying more of your episodes.
Hi Erika, I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice! Please keep me posted. xo Alana
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